Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Transfers!

Sorry, I am so close to killing this computer it is driving me crazy!!!! Basically the computer is going way super slow with the new way myldsmail is set up, long story, I will tell you about it on Mothers Day
I am staying in my area this next transfer with same comp, E. Butler. I am excited for that. Almost our whole zone is changing, there will be three trainers in it! We are going to be really busy this next transfer, but we are going to light it up for sure!
I am planning on wearing the tie on May 1st! I have it ready and everything, I will send a picture and a video of me wearing it for ya'll to enjoy. Hopefully my toast is good, it is a little weird, mainly because I rushed it, but it gets the message across I feel :)
I will e-mail everyone back personally next week, sorry I missed that this week, I am still trying to figure out this dumb new set up they have ugh! Anyways, I love ya'll and thank you so much again!
Questions from Mom
1.  Did you get transferred?  If so give us all the details!  If not tell us one reason you're glad you didn't.  ( that you haven't already told us)
I did not get transferred, same guy, area and everything :)
2.  Is the baptism still on date for this Saturday?  What are your feelings about this?  Tell us a little about him.
Yes, it is :) I am really excited, it is awesome :) I am not sure if I can really talk about him over e-mail, but I will say he is a cool guy and progressing really well :)
3.  What is the best or funniest thing that happened this month?
Putting our investigator on date :)
4.  Only 7 more months till you come home. How have changed that will be the most obvious to us?
I have wondered that myself honestly. I want to say that I have changed, but I think it will take an external observation to notice what has changed.
5.  What kinds of service have you been doing lately?
Clearing snow from driveways and roofs
6.  What is favorite thing about Alaska?
The feeling that this is where I am called to serve. Also the gorgeous clear blue sky days, nothing beats them!!
7.  Why were you wondering if we were going to sell the cabin?
Because you mentioned that a while before I left on my mission and I was hoping you weren't.
8.  Do you have any more random (or not) questions for us?
Not at the moment no :)
9.  How are you feeling about yourself this week?
Good :)

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