Monday, April 16, 2012

Questions from Mom

Editor's note: The answers TJ gives to my Mom's questions are the highlight of my week. Seriously, I find myself laughing out loud as I read through them. To fully enjoy you MUST read them with their voices in mind and imagine a very BLUE mom trying to connect with her very WHITE son from continents away.

1.  Do you have transfers next week?  Do you think you will be transferred or not? (I think yours are next week - because ours are tomorrow here and I think you are a week behind us.)
Yes, transfers are next week. This will be my 12th transfer on my mission, I will have five left, which is weird to think about...I do not think I will be transferred, I am confident to say I will stay in the area with Butler for at least one more.

2.  How are your friends all doing - I read their blogs - have you  heard from anyone personally?  What about people from home?
Fantastic, they are the best friends anyone could ask for. I e-mail Brad, Stephen, and Landon every week; I also got a letter from Trevor a while ago and wrote him back, he is just amazing - like he always is, such a great missionary :)

3.  Are you ok about Bree getting married without you there?  We have lots of missionaries here that have a sibling getting married and we get real mixed feelings about it - how do you feel? (I will delete this question before forwarding it to the girls)
In all honesty, it does not bother me in the least, I am very happy for her...and super jealous of where the wedding is as well! But really, I am totally fine, just make sure my cut-out that Summer is doing does not make me look too fat please.

4.  How was your zone counsel last week?  Try to describe a little bit about it - "fine" is not an ok answer!!
It went pretty good; it was mainly to just encourage them to work hard, that was the whole emphasis Butler and I were putting during it. We feel it was good, but probably not amazing.

5.  How are you doing - really - emotionally - spiritually and physically?  Please answer each one with a separate answer. :)  Choose one of the categories and go into some detail. :)
Jeez, this sounds like a quiz right now...emotionally, doing just fine; spiritually, ALWAYS tired; physically, feeling great actually, I am developing some great eating habits and eating really good food!

6.  How is the weather there now?  Getting warmer?  It is fall here now - moving quickly into winter.
Yes, it is getting warmer, it is staying around 40 F now; we walk around in short sleeve shirts, it feels so nice :)

7.  Tell us about your relationship with your companion. 
It is solid, we get along great with each other. Hardly ever argued or gotten irritated with each other.

8.  What would you say has been the best experience on your mission so far?
Ask me that again, time is short for me right now and I cannot really recall one right now, that is a big question!

9.  Are you doing better about not being so hard on yourself?  What has helped? - also - WHY are you so hard on yourself - you are wonderful!!
This is a weird question, but I like to think I am doing better.

10. Do you have any questions for us??
Are you keeping the cabin or selling it?? And is dad still planning on coming to Whitehorse next Summer??

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