Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hello dear friends and family,
I got the mail from Terra, the eggs where is as best condition as they could be coming from Hawaii to Alaska, thank you so much for sending them, they were awesome :)
Our area is doing awesome, we are gradually teaching more and more every week, things are going great. We put one of our investigators on date the other day! I already told mom this story, but I will tell it again for everyone to hear :) We prayed for a date to extend to one of our investigators who wants to be baptized. We found a day that we all could agree on and decided to go with that, we were comfortable with it. We went and visited them last Friday, the day we always have our lessons, taught the lesson, and at the end extended the baptismal invitation. We told him the date, he pulled out the phone to check the day and replies with mild astonishment "Wow. Ya, that day will work because that is literally the day with nothing on it." He showed us his phone and sure enough, there was something scheduled for literally every single day of this month, and almost all of the next, except for the day we decided on. It is so cool to see these little miracles happen on your mission, seeing the Lords hand in the work and how He is very well in control of what is going on.
Our Easter was pretty good, we did not really do anything except for a big dinner at our Ward Mission Leaders home, which was really good. I am trying really hard right now to not eat deserts, but it is ever so hard sometimes, especially when it is apple pie or angel food cake or ice cream. I try my best, but just figure at the same time I have to respect the persons house I am at as well. I have plateued with my weight however, I am not gaining nor losing any at the current moment, which is really nice :)
It is so great to hear about mom and dads African adventures. You two are going to be so humble when you get back. I love hearing about them and getting the pictures as well. Oh, Bree I LOVED the pic you sent me of the Unicorn, that was just awesome, I loved it and am going to search high and low for a bike like that :) remember: Unicorns are no longer on the earth only becauase they were busy helping all of the other animals get to the ark ;)
I recieved a great compliment a while ago, not directly from the person, but still heard about it. Butler and I were talking about our weeklys to Pres, just sharing what we said and such. Pres. told Butler in his "it is a good thing that you two are in that area because neither you nor Hartman is afraid of hard work." That is one of the best compliments I have gotten, mainly because that is something I have really been striving to work on my whole mission. It was nice to get an external source on my progress :) I still have a lot of room to work on, but I am also grateful for the things that a mission has taught me. One of the most rewarding things to me is when a virtuous thought randomly pops into my head to ponder over (another thing I have really been striving to work on). You can learn so much when you ponder over something and actually try and understand it in your mind. Hopefully these habits that I am forming on my mission will be lifelong and not just temporary. It is weird to think that there is life after a mission, to me it is hard to comprehend actually having time to yourself, but that is another thought for another time :)
Thank you everyone for everything you do! I love you and hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Hartman1

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