Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Better

Hello everyone,
Do not worry, we got permission to e-mail on a non-pday. I got way sick yesterday and threw up for about an hour, then we went back to the apartment and I slept for 4 1/2 hours. I feel light years better now, I think I got caught up on 15 months of lost sleep!
Anways, time is really short here right now, we have a ton of things we got to today. I am doing good tho, mission is going great. We have ZLC (Zone Leader Council) tomorrow; we get to go to the temple, I am really excited for that, I will let you know how that went next week :)
Absolutely loved conference, D. Todd was awesome as always :) I always love listening to Pres. Monson, I feel I can relate to him really easily. There was another talk I really liked, I cannot remember who gave it but the person was a 70, it was in the Sunday afternoon session if I am on the right track, and he opened up with the funny story where his wife was speeding and he told her to slow down because he was her husband and he held the priesthood. His talk was awesome; it really is by gentle persuasion, meekness, long-suffering and love unfeigned that you help people come about a change. We are trying to evalutate goals for our zone right now and seeing how we can best help them. We are having a zone meeting on Saturday, we have some things planned, we are mainly aiming to get them fired up and motivated to do the work and change their mindset.
I am really sorry this e-mail is so short this week, time is just not with me right now. We have a meeting with a recent convert in about 10 minutes and this was the only time we could set aside to do emails. Thank you again for the updates from home tho, I read them every week and I absolutely love them! I will respond better next week, I promise. Thank you again!!
Elder Hartman1

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