Monday, March 26, 2012

Back To Work

Hello everyone!
First off: Happy birthday to Easton and Jeremy and Happy Anniversary to mom and dad!!!! 37 years, that is crazy - that is almost two of my lifetimes.....oh what a blessing I am to you ;) haha anyways.
Well, now that Zone conference is over, we have been able to focus a lot more on our area. Things are going great as far as the work goes. We found a new investigator this week while meeting with a less active. They had this little dog that started barking super loud as I was saying the opening prayer for the lesson, it is amazing how things like that always happen right when the lesson starts. We are really starting to get the snowball rolling, the biggest thing that I think every missionary has to do is just keep on trying, that is something I learned this last week. We were working hard, thro the dead time of the day - the afternoon - and were having no success. We were visiting people, knocking doors, calling people, doing everything we can to try and have some form of success. We had 2 lessons fall thro one day, and after the second one did I decided we should spoil ourselves and buy ourselves a treat - on me. We went and got some hamburgers and ice cream cones and rewarded ourselves for our hard labors, it was nice :) Heavenly Father did see that we wanted to work and were trying our best, therefore He blessed us and now we are teaching a good amount of people! Things are looking really up for us now!
That is crazy to think about Brees wedding and how it is already here. It is a bummer that I will not be there, but the cardboard cutout of me should suffice, just do not harm the face too much, that is the real money maker ;)
Here is a look at my meals in Alaska.
The first one is me enjoying some roadkill moose.
Second is the legs from it obviously.
Third is pretty self explanatory :)
Plans for this p day is just some serious R&R. The last little while I have been wearing myself out with playing basketball and doing a million things at once on p day. I am going to sit down and wrie a lot of letters and just kick back and relax - do what I do best ;) We are going to go eat lunch at the mission home, then go to an elders apartment in our zone and play pool and chill, it is going to be great :)
It has been a solid 30 degrees F lately. It is really warm, I have been wearing short sleeved shirts under my sweaters and rolling up the arms because I am getting to hot. I cannot imagine what 60 is going to feel like, let alone 80; that just sounds like death :)
Thank you again everybody for your support. I am truly grateful for the emails I get consistently and hearing how things are going with ya'll back home. I am so spoiled to have 4 older sisters who have taken awesome care of me as I have been out. I love each and every one of you and with all sincerity am grateful for you. Thank you again. I love you!
Elder Hartman1
The first one is me enjoying some roadkill moose.
second is the legs from it obviously
Third is pretty self explanatory :)

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