Monday, June 4, 2012

Mom's Questions

1.  Tell us all about your transfer - how do you feel about it -
describe your new area - companion etc.  I realize this may have to be
next week's question if you don't know yet.

I am getting transferred to Fairbanks! I will be in another trio up
there (my third one in a row) with E. Na'a and E. Leota, both
polleynesian. I have served around E. Na'a throughout my mission and
we get along great, both really excited! I do now know a whole lot
about the area yet, but I will let you know next week! (Ask me again,
I will forget)

2.  Loved the picture - is the girl in the picture his wife or
girlfriend?  Is she a member?  How was the experience - confirming him
in the hospital?  Is he doing better?

The girl is his wife and she is a member - recent convert, was
baptized last year. It was a kool experience confirming him in the
hospital, definitely a different place to do it. He is doing a lot
better yes, he just needs to get his priesthood now.

3.  What will you miss most about your companion(s) - (are  you still
in a 3 some?)  What will you miss most about your ward?

I will miss the dynamic of it really. We have a lot of fun and get
along with each other really well. We work hard, throughout the day,
but we are good at having a balance at the same time. I loved serving
in the Sand Lake ward and I will definitely miss it for sure.

4.  What did you learn this week that was new to you?  About yourself
- the gospel - about your mission?

How much the prophets, in both the scriptures and nowadays, put a
stress on prayer and fasting. I read over that just this last Sunday
while fasting and it really hit me. President Spencer W. Kimball said
that prayer and fasting are what help you the most in regards to
learning doctrine and principals of the gospel, seeking answers and
guidance for life, and many other such things. If you utilize those
two together, you can pretty much find the answer to anything.

5.  You mentioned that you are realizing you like hospitals and would
like to work there some day - doing what and what has happened to
influence this decision?

It was while we visited Paul in the hospital while he was recovering
from his surgery mainly. I am not sure what it is about it, I like how
clean it is and also the quiet atmosphere as well. Also very spacious
too, I like places that have a lot of space, if that makes any
sense...I am not sure what I would like to do in a hospital for work

6.  I heard that on the Summer Solaces it is light almost 24 hours in
Alaska and they play a baseball game at midnight with no lights - is
this true - are you allowed to go - or is it past bedtime?  Is it hard
sleeping in the light?

Yes it is. We are not allowed to play no, I wish we could tho! It is
not hard sleeping with the light no, I adjusted to that pretty fast
actually. It makes waking up a ton easier because it is already bright

7.  What are you doing today for pday - your possibly last in Anchorage?

Just running a lot of errands, saying bye to some members and packing,
oh how I dislike packing sometimes...but ya, nothing too big, just
getting ready to be transferred.

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