Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 Hello again everybody!

Life in the missionary world is moving on, this week was alright with
our efforts in our area; sometimes Free Agency can be really
irritating tho, mainly when people cancel appointments or do not show
up. At times like that tho, we can at least realize we did our part :)
Our recent convert, Paul, is now out of the hosptial officially, yay!
He was at church last sunday and is doing awesome. Our other
investigators are coming along as well, we are in the process of
formulating lessons for them and seeing which members will be able to
accompany us to lessons. Since we are in a trio right now, we have to
take caution not to overwhelm anyone either, four people talking to
you, asking questions can be a little over bearing sometimes; people
have described it as being interrogated, we will be sure not to do
that :)

As some of ya'll have been talking about Soccer in the e-mails to me,
I reflected on how awesome those years were. I can still remember the
first team I was on and our team name "the Green Beans." Man we were
so awesome. I remember there was one time, I think it was dads
birthday, where ya'll came in a limo and picked me up after a game,
man that was fun. Those are days never to be forgotten indeed. It was
always great to hear dad yelling from the sidelines and giving his two
cents on plays - even tho he did not really know what he was talking
about half the time ;) I always had great support thro those years, I
could always count on my family being there at the games and cheering
our team on. I would like to get back into Soccer, but I am still not
sure if I want to really go competitive or not, but that will be
decided later :)

One thing I have been doing for the last few weeks now is writing in
cursive, or at least trying to. It is a lost art, but ever so much fun
to do. Olex gave me the idea origionally, he started to write his
letters to me in cursive, which look amazing now by the way. One thing
I did tho, while writing in this new, unique style was praying to
Heavenly Father one night to help my penmanship improve. The next
morning, for a few mintues, I wrote flawlessly, it was amazing. It was
a testimony builder to me that even those little things in life, when
they become important to us, they become important to Heavenly Father.
I do know that he does help us with little things like that in life if
we allow him to.

Transfers are this week, not sure if I will be leaving or staying. I
percieve I will be leaving, but who knows!

Thank you again everybody! I love you!

1.  Who is Dan Jones? (I looked it up on google - kind of a lot of
them - with Joseph Smith or does he live now?

Dan Jones is one the greatest missionaries in this dispensation. He
would loudly go out, stand on a soap box, and proclaim the gospel,
which is why I called it my "Dan Jones" moment. Hopefully that makes
sense. He lived around the time of Joseph Smith, one of the first
missionaries to leave; he served in Whales for a while.

2.  If you HAD to make a guess where  you are going next week - where
would it be?  Just a guess - I know you don't know.

I would say Fairbanks, why I do not know, but that is only place I can
imagine myself going at the moment. The Elder up there, Elder Na'a,
would be a blast to serve with also, we have served around each other
throughout our missions and get along great. We are hoping to serve
together at point :)

3.  Did you get all the packages we sent?  The Rugby shirt?  Coconut?
Your companion that played rugby I'm sure knows the So. African
Springboks - ask him.  (They are big rivals)

Yes, I got them all and thank you so much for them, they are awesome!
Yes, he does know So. Africa, he LOVES rugby, it is huge in Australia.

4.  What and who will you miss the most when you are transferred? Why?

One of the first things I tend to miss is my companion - which is
common with most missionaries. For whatever reason, whether you two
got along or not, you always feel a sense of yearning to have them
back the first few days the transfer is going on. When I left
Whitehorse, I missed the members dearly, I loved it there; I have
loved pretty much every where I have served on my mission and all of
my companions tho too :)

5.  Is there anything you need right now?  Meds?  More shirts?  Socks?
 Etc.  Did you get your new scriptures?

No, nothing at the moment, life is grand here! :) I actually got a
brand new pair of scriptures from Sis. Campbell, one of the Senior
couples who works in the office, for finishing the Book of Mormon in
three months; I finished it in a month, it was great :) so I do not
need to buy a new pair anymore :)

6.  I am assuming you are still in a three some - is that right?  How
has than been going?  Is it much harder than 2 of you?

Yes, still a trio right now. It has been going awesome, loving it
actually, Elder Fina'i is a blast to be with, Yellow personality for
sure :) there are many things that make serving in a trio interesting,
it was a ton harder when I was training the two missionaries at the
same time, that was difficult...but not this trio is actually really

7.  Did you know an Elder Williams that just went home from Alaska?
He was a friend of someone here - he just wanted us to ask.

Yes I do, he is awesome too! Great missionary, hard worker. I did not
serve around him that much, but I knew him pretty well.

8.  Is it light there 24/7 yet?  How is that?  Can you sleep?  Is it
hard to adapt to?

Not quite, but close. The Summer solstace is coming up here in about
three weeks, meaning that we are going to start losing light little by

9.  Now you have been in Anchorage for quite a while what you say you
like and don't like about it?  I know it is a big city in Alaskan
standards - but do you like it? Why or why not?

I do not mind it, I like being around a lot of missionaries, but not
the influence of them if that makes sense. The city style of
missionary work where it is go-go-go is still a little difficult for
me to adjust to, because I like to take things at my own pace, which
tends to be a little slower. I like how it has taught me diligence in
missionary work; there are people here who need to hear the gospel and
it is up to us to share it with them.

10. What was you biggest "ah-ha" moment this week - or month?
Something you learned - or something that hit you deeper than before.

When we were taking a hike yesterday for preparation day. As we were
going, I took a moment to look out and gaze over the beautiful scene
that Alaska has to offer. It made me wonder how Heavenly Father's eye
is so presice that His eye is on the sparrow. I have no idea how He
keeps track of all of us, but He does and it is awesome :)

 -Elder Hartman1

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