Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick Note

Hello everyone,

I apologize, I have been a little distracted this past week. Thank you
everyone for the updates on dad, they really help. Quite a big scare
if I must say so myself.

Fairbanks is awesome; way too hot tho, it was 75 the other day, I was
going to die, I could barely stand it. It is interesting serving with
two polys, a whole new dynamic to the companionship really, very
different from my last one. I definitely have to be more relaxed with
a lot of things and choose my battles more carefully. It has been
really enriching tho and I am grateful for it. The zone itself is
really cool, everyone seems to have a great relationship with one
another, I really like it.

I did see Jill the other day at church (I am in her ward). I almost
walked right past her until she said 'hey TJ', totally threw me off. I
did not recognize her! She gave me a hug, 
and said it was from mom - thank you! It is kind of weird to
have family in the ward you are serving in, but I guess it is also a
good thing I do not know them all that well so I can stay more

Thank you again everyone for the updates and such, it helps. I will
talk to y'all next week :)

  -Elder Hartman1

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