Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello everyone,

First thing: when mailing stuff up here do NOT use the P O box. I
guess the postal service gets mad when mail is sent there. Sis.
Campbell, one of the senior couples who works in the office, called
and told me.

Yes, I am still a ZL, hopefully for not too much longer tho, I like
just being a normal missionary and being able to really focus on the
area that I am serving in. We have four exchanges lined up for this
week. They are only going to be 1-8 pm exchanges because we have so
many trainers and want to see how they are all doing before we go down
to Anchorage for ZLC again so we have an update to give.

This week was a little rough, we did two exchanges so time was not on
our side. The highlight of it was when we went OYMing at the festival
for the Summer Solastace. I managed to talk to I think 40+ people. I
really do not know if that is good for an hour and a half of trying to
talk to people, it was pretty much my third or fourth time
legitimately doing it, but it was a blast nonetheless. Gave away a lot
of cards and some pamphlets. I am sure my approaches were
aweful, but I did manage to meet some wonderful people. I was also
used to rejection very quickly as well. Some buddhist woman took out a
crab and started chanting something at us, we figured she was not
interested :)

Life is going good, loving my mission; growing closer to Christ every
day, some days better than others. I have had some real spiritual
experiences while writing in my journal lately. There are a lot of
entries I will have to show ya'll, I love looking back on them and am
so grateful I have kept a journal. There are so many things I have
forgotten so quickly, but when I read back over that passage, the
memory is refreshed :)

Love ya'll, thank you again!

 -Elder Hartman1
1.  Did you talk to Elder Kolicker again?  Too bad you didn't know he
came from Africa.

No, I did not. I did know he came from Africa actually and he even
mentioned he knew both of ya'll haha, sorry, forgot to mention that in
the last letter I think ;)

2.  Are you still a zone leader?  I am assuming because you had to go
for zone leadership training to Anchorage. By the way how did you get
there?  Fly? Drive?  How long did it take to get there?

Yes ma'am I am. We drove down to Anchorage, beautiful drive, loved it.
It takes about six hours to drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks. I have
some pics, but I keep forgetting either my camera or my little chord
connector thingy or both. I will probably end up showing you all of
the awesome pics after my mission haha.

3.  What was the best thing that happened this week?

When we went OYMing. It felt so good to be out and doing my part in
inviting others to come unto Christ. I felt really accomplished that

4.  How are you liking Fairbanks now?  What do you like about it?
What don't you like?

I like it. It is super hot up here tho, way too hot; it got up to I
think 87 degrees the other day while we were tracting, I felt as if I
was going to pass out. I am, however, getting a nice tan again :)

5. Did you get to participate in the summer solustice?  If so tell us about it.

No unfortunately, but a fun fact: there is a contest to see who has
the best outfit, we did not get to see a whole lot unfortunately
because we were not there during the evening. I talked to a storm
trooper and a Sith Lord, it was sweet :)

6.  How are the companionships going?  Why are you in a threesome for
so long?  Isn't that unusual?

They seem to be going really well, everyone seems to be getting along
from what we can see. I have no idea why I am in a trio for so long,
it is weird to think this is my third one in a row - not due to
anything I have done I assure you ;) It is unusual to be in a trio, I
know that President does not like trios all that much. I think this
next transfer this trio will change.

7. Where are you living?  It sounded like a members home. How is it
there?  Describe you apt.

We were living with members, but now we are living in our own place
now. It is way too hot inside of it, we sleep with out any sheets and
two fans going.

8.  Did you know Brad Davis?  I told you last week we were supposed to
see him this week in Angola.  Did you know about Ashley?

I did not know about Brad - I know who he is, really nice guy.
 I knew Ashley wanted to serve a mission - I had no idea she got her
call tho! That is so exciting! Try and get her address for me so I can
congragulate her. It is a shame I will not get to see her before she

9.  The Woods said "the church is truer in Fairbanks". Do you agree or
disagree. By the way did you tell the people there hello from them?
Remember he was the stake president there that we told you about.

I have no opinion regarding the matter. I have not told the people
hello from the woods here yet, I apologize. I totally forgot he was
the Stake Pres. up here.

10.  What was the most spiritual thing that has happened in Fairbanks?
 Tell us about it.

I am not sure if you mean for the zone or for the companionship we are
in. I cannot think of the most spiritual thing that has happened for
Fairbanks this week, but I did have a very spiritual experience
writing in my journal. There are a lot of journal entries I have to
show you, they would take too long writing out or talking about.

- -Elder Hartman1

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