Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Families Are Forever

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Hello everybody!
I got the awesome package and it was delectable, the treats 
were great, thank you all so very much :)
First off, congrats Bree and Chris on your big day! I am so 
happy for you and am glad to hear it was a success, I will 
bet ya'll are very happy - both the fact that the wedding was 
a success and that it is also over with too! ;) I wore the 
tie and everything. I thought about
ya'll as much as I could on Tuesday; I was on exchanges that 
day so I was busy working the new trainee to death ;) 
like horses, you gotta 'break them in.'
By ways for the update on the baptism and such, he is still 
in the hospital, they are thinking he will be in there for 
about three to six weeks, yikes. The Bishop said to go 
ahead with the confirmation
however, so we will confirm him in the hospital 
sometime this week. I
will let ya'll know probably on Sunday actually, 
that is really weird
to think I am calling ya'll already - for the last time.
This week was just a lot of hard work really, not a whole lot
happened. We have been trying to contact less actives every day 
and knocking doors. Perhaps our faith just needs 
some work, or we are in need of refining right now. Either way, 
I assure you that we are
working hard and putting our shoulder to the wheel.
I wish to share with ya'll a journal entry that I 
wrote on May 1st, 2012, the day of Bree's wedding, 
I will not share everything I wrote
in it, just my favorite part because this was 
one of those entries where the Spirit wrote it, not me:
"The lesson at the member's house was awesome! It went so well! 
talked about temples and what a blessing they are. 
Man, I wish I could talk as well as I do in lessons; 
everything I say flows as smooth as
silk and I can articulate everything. 
The lesson really touched ----,
I could tell, she was liking what we were saying. 
It is the best feeling when you have the spirit 
working through you, He (the Holy Ghost)
truly is the ultimate and true teacher, not us. 
Being able to testify
about the temples was amazing, I loved it. 
At one point in the lesson
I testified 'the best realization I have come 
to on my mission is
knowing that I can be with my family after this life - forever.
spirit wrote this entry. I love my mission so much. 
I love it. It is
true, the gospel is true and Jesus is the Christ 
and he lives!'"
That is the best realization that I have come to on my 
mission (and
there are many believe me) that I can be with all
of my family for
time and eternity, not just this life here on earth. 
It brings me the
greatest comfort knowing that it will not be the end 
when we pass on.
I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation, it shows 
me just how much
Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. 
We will be able to live
with each other and Him (Heavenly Father) and 
Jesus Christ forever and
inherit a fullness of joy. I do not think I 
will ever be grateful
enough to know that.
Anyways, thank you everyone for your love and prayers, 
they are what
keep me going throughout the days. It will be great to 
talk with ya'll
in a few days, I am looking forward to it. Until then, 
Ofa lahi atu!
(I love you very much in Tongan).
-Elder Hartman1

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