Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

First off, I want it known that I proclaimed to the world, before I
die, that I love my mom. I love her very much, I always have and I
always will. Seeing you yesterday mom was the greatest gift ever. I am
working on a preset for you right now that might take me a bit, but I
will get it none the less. It was great to see how nothing has really
changed with ya'll, when you and dad started arguing over Skype it
felt just like home, joy filled my bosom to hear you two going at it
:) Both of you looked really good too might I add! I just hope I have
changed for the better in some way. It was nice to get those
compliments from you tho, even tho I acted like I was brushing it off
(like I usually do) I was listening the whole time and I really
appreciate it. The greatest thing about having you for a mom is that
there was never a time in my life where I did not feel your love. Even
the times when I fell short or slipped up a bit, I always knew that
you loved it, and it was great :) Now, be it remembered I am not
saying all of this to get back up to 'Golden Child' status, I could
care less about that in all honestly, I am saying this because I have
not said it enough to you! I love you so much mom and am so grateful
to have you in my life. This does not mean in any way that I do not
love my amazing sisters as well, I could go on for pages about ya'll,
but this is something long over due. Yesterday in Sacrament meeting,
they had a lot of young men talk and majority of them talked about the
stripling warriors. It is a great story of young men, who had never
before seen battle, took up swords and sheilds and went and fought
against seasoned soldiers and won. The best scripture is when the
stripling warriors say "we doubt not, our mother's knew it" they put
their trust completely in their mothers because they knew that mom is
always right. That is something I try to help young men know, is to
always listen to their mothers because they are always right. That was
one thing that was hard for me to learn when I first came out, was how
mom was right on literally everything, even the things I knew I was
right on, she ended up being right. I could write a novel (maybe I
will ;)) about how awesome my mom is, but I am restricted on time. I
love you mom!! Thank you for everything!

Elder Hartman1

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