Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Questions from Mom

Note from editor: Each week my Mom asks TJ some questions so we can get answers to things he seems to leave out in his letters. TJ's answers are my favorite part of the week. But here is what you have to do to really enjoy them...Read each question as if you are a very blue mother, stranded in Africa and wanting nothing more than to connect with her golden child who is continents away in Alaska. Then read TJ's responses in his voice (monotone with a hint of sarcasm and respect) and know that he is being so patient with his answers and doing his best to elaborate on his desire to give one word responses. His answer to #6 is my favorite this week.

1.  Tell us all about your new comp. and area. (you  may have done this in the main letter all ready - so if you did you can just add any details you forgot)
The area we are in is Sand Lake, my new comp is E. Butler, he is from Kimberly, ID (near Twin Falls), the members in the area are awesome.

2.  How do you like being zone leader?  What do you like the best and the least about it?
It is good, stressful right now because we are wrapping up Zone Conference and all of that planning.

3.  Tell us about your zone.
There are 14 missionaries total (counting us). A lot of changes happened this transfer. We get along pretty well with each other for the most part, everyone likes everyone.

4.  What is your new address so I can check it out on google map.
In all honesty, I do not know yet, I will have it for you next week - DO NOT send any mail directly to it tho! For some odd reason it does not work.

5.  What do you like the best about this new ward and area?
It is just an overrall fun ward, we have had a very warm welcome from them and are getting along great!

6.  I can't believe you didn't tell Elder Great hello from the Padavich's in Zambia!! (mission pres.)  Tell him now if he is still in your area.
I do not see how that is a question...

7.  What was the funnest thing you did this week?
Probably when we were sharing a mini lesson with a active family in the ward after dinner and their dog started peeing in the middle of it. The spirit quietly withdrew ;)

8.  What has been the hardest adjustment since moving?
Getting the rhythm down, finding out where people live, using time wisely.

9.  Tell us about your new apartment.
It is known as 'the dungeon'. Pretty much underground, pretty nice tho.

10. What made you the happiest this week?
Not quite sure, it has been pretty stressful, but I would say just having an overall change was really nice.