Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heading To Sand Lake

I love Unicorns,
Just wanted to start off my letter like that this week; change never hurts ;) haha
I got the package from mom and dad, thank you so much, it was awesome! And I also got the medicine as well, thank you very much for that I appreciate it.
As news from the mission: I am getting transferred to the Sand Lake ward in Anchorage as Zone Leader. I am really excited but really nervous at the same time. Holtz and Clark will be staying in Klatt, Holtz will be Senior comp. He will do awesome, I am really excited and happy for him. I was pretty sure I was leaving Anchorage, but I was wrong on that! I am excited tho. My new comp will be E. Butler. I know nothing about him yet, never met him or served around him, but from the little I have heard of him, he is a really easygoing, pleasant missionary. It will be a weird transition from being with 2 new missionaries, to one who has been out longer than me. We will be whitewashing the area and neither of us have been ZLs before, so this is going to be really fun! Plus, I will be next door to Klatt too.
This is a picture of an activity we did for district meeting. Basically we hit each other with those stick pole things and related it to comp inventory.
I saw the pictures of Easton getting his stitches, that was so awesome! I also loved Jeremys explanation on his bros wedding, that was hilarious! I always love the updates from home :)
I spent some time packing last night and will spend a lot of today packing as well. It will be easy tho; the area is super close so I can just leave stuff at the Klatt apartment and get it later; it is always the little things that I have to pack away that set me over the edge, they get so irritating! I can never find a good enough spot for them hahaha. The Sand Lake ward, I hear, is really good. Missionaries in there lately have baptized a lot. That is something to look forward too, since I have not had any yet haha, but that is not how you measure success on a mission.
This is our district at the end of the transfer.
My last comp. E. Merrill, is going to Bethel with E. Bowes, who I served with in Whitehorse. They are going to be a riot with each other :) I am excited tho because I get to take Merrill to the airport tomorrow at 5. It will be great to talk to him and see how he has been, I miss him. I have loved all of my companions tho, very much. Even the ones I have not gotten along with as well as others, a few days after transfers happen I miss them, it always happens too, it is weird. I have all of my comps and other missionaries I know really well sign a journal of mine. E. Holtz entry was hilarious, it was only a few sentences long and scatterbrained, made me laugh, totally him :)
This is E. Williams who has a glass eye! pretty kool pic, great conversation starter :)
The sun is out shining bright today, as it has been the last few days! It is -1 right now, so a little chilly, only cuz there are no clouds over head tho. I love the sunshine, I forgot how much I miss it until now. I miss feeling the warmth of it and seeing it everyday for a good period of time, rather then up here where in the winter you pretty much never see it to a point.
I have been studying the Christlike attribute patience a lot lately; I feel it is something I really need. It was so nice, it gave me things to ponder on and reflect over. I studied how the sons of Mosiah went to the Lamanites to spread the gospel and how, at first they were reviled and spit upon, but afterwards they looked at the fruits of their labors and they were many. That was a fun study, I really enjoyed it.
That is all I have to update on for now, thank you everyone for your support, I love you!
Elder Hartman1

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