Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Was a Great Day

Hi everybody!

Thank you all for the wonderful e-mails and letters. I got the little snacks Summer sent and Mormon Doctrine as well :) I was so happy to get my own copy! I am emailing early this week cuz we only have 2 computers and we decided we would email early and the other Elders wold email later.

We had a short week because of Zone Conference. We flew from Skagway in a small plane, not a bush plane, just a very small airplane. I loved it, right when the turbulence hits, it rocks me right to sleep every time :) we went their with the Skagway Elders, so there was 6 of us total. I don't think I mentioned this, but we stayed in the sisters apartment. The first and probably last Elders, as Pres. Beesley says, that will stay in the sisters apartment. How many missionaries can say that? They were super nice about letting us stay there and eating whatever we wanted. You could definitely tell that Elders had been thro there once we left :) I did leave them a thank you note on a little heart sticky note, however. So at least we were somewhat considerate in that aspect.

Sunday was such a great day. We had 3 investigators at church and Bro. Andre, a father of a less active family we have been working with a lot this transfer, came to church as well! I was so excited I could barely sit still! I am hoping we will have some baptisms next transfer, we have a lot of people who could be baptized. I, personally, do not consider myself having any baptisms right now, the one I had beginning of my mission I pretty much walked into, so I do not really count that one. After I left Chester Valley, they had a baptism and were teaching their neighbor, which Elder Ashby and I talked to I think 2 days before I left. I was very happy to hear about that and the success they are having in that area.

It is hard to think that I only have 6 more weeks here in Whitehorse. I have already been here 4 1/2 months. It will be so hard for me to leave this area, I love the people here so much, I do not think I will ever get enough of the people or Whitehorse itself! I hope to have a really successful transfer and bring souls to Christ. There is nothing I want more, than to give them the greatest gift they can experience and have them receive everlasting joy. It is so rewarding to be a part of these persons lives and help them out. Everyone in the branch is so unique in their own way and we are really starting to connect with the people here. They are getting more anxious to be engaged in missionary work. Every time we call a member to see if they can come to a lesson, they almost always say yes. When they cannot make it, it is usually due to things already planned or work.

I was looking back on some journal entries, and one I wrote really stood out to me. It was not all that long ago, on the 21st of this month. Near the end of it, I was talking about Alaska a little bit. "Every time I hear the word Alaska, or picture it on a map, my heart starts to pound. The spirit swells within me. That is always another confirmation the church is true!". And it is. I love Alaska so much. I never thought I would be sent here, but now that I am actually here, I cannot picture myself going anywhere else. I love this mission, I love Alaska and I love the gospel. Thank you all for your support and your continued dedication.

Elder Hartman1

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