Thursday, September 22, 2011


So this will be a little bit more of a detailed e-mail than last week.

This last week was really good. The missionary work in Whitehorse is picking up, slowly, but surely. We are plowing the fields and planting the seeds. We have 2 lessons set up with new investigators we found. I love finding people to teach, it is challenging, but so rewarding when you receive the fruit of your labor. We had a Zone Conference recently, and interviews as well, which I was promised to have 1 more transfer here in Whitehorse, I was so happy! Elder Walker of the 70 is taking a mission tour of Alaska and he came and spoke to us. It was so great to see this man, who has dedicated the last 9 years of his life to the Lord, come and speak to us and share some of his experiences he had while on his mission and during his current call in the church. His call involves the temples, whenever there is a new temple announced, built, or about to be dedicated, he is involved in the whole process. It strengthens my testimony whenever I hear others bear theirs. The spirit was so strong in the room when he was telling us about setting his son apart as a missionary. He was the Stake President when his son came back from his mission, so he was interviewing him to set him apart. "It was a very tender moment" he described "my son, near the end of the interview, looked at me and said 'dad, I just want you to know I worked hard. I gave it my best'". He was so proud of his son when he said that. I loved how I felt after he told that story. I am proud because if I were to see dad right now, I would be able to tell him "dad, I am working hard and I am doing my best as a missionary". There is a lot I can improve on, I constantly try to better myself everyday. 

Every time I try to improve myself, I always feel reassurance from Heavenly Father that he is proud of me for what I am doing and trying to do His will. In our last sacrament meeting, we sung "I Stand All Amazed". I love that hymn. To think that someone, who was perfect in every aspect, would willingly suffer for me, freely, it is truly wonderful that "he would care for me, enough to die for me". It truly is wonderful to think about. I love this gospel. I love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my brother and my best friend. Thank you all for your support, I love you very much :)

"No one was sent on this earth to fail"
"If you are focused on worldly possessions, everything will always fall short. You will never have enough. If you are focused on the gospel, you will have ALL of the blessings. Heavenly Father makes sure of that".

Elder Hartman

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