Monday, September 5, 2011

I Have the Best Family Ever!

I just felt like expressing a portion of my gratitude on the subject line ;)

A man, this week was really good! I got a letter from Olex!!!! We have started writing each other once a week :) LOVE it!! :) I can hear his voice when I read his letters, we just reminisce a lot and just tell each other awesome stories :) mainly him cuz he always has a story to tell :) I also got Summers list of characteristics that my wife has to have. I really liked it!! It was a great list! So I think we can all agree that my wife has to for sure be a Yellow core at least, can we all agree on that? I know that we have quite the opinionated family, but I think we can start with that :) I also got the email where mom and dad were talking to Brad. I laughed when he said how he was probably getting more baptisms then us hahaha, but hey, in my defense, we do not get investigators that fall in our lap and whenever we go tracting, we NEVER pick up 15 new ones either, but he is living in poverty and I am not, so props to him for that :)

This week was really good! Did not have as much tracting hours as I would have liked, but that is just fine. I absolutely love tracting!! It is so much fun to talk to people and teach them at the door about the gospel. No mean to boast, but I can tell that Elder Bowes and I are getting better at it. I have seen a lot of improvement and we are getting so many potential investigators! I do not think that I will be fortunate to see this area have a lot of success yet, but I think pretty soon, it is going to blow up! We are just toiling the ground and planting the seeds right now. I have started writing in my journal every day now! I would usually write in it on occasion, but now I realize that I would have regretted that years from now, it is always fun to have something to look back on too :) Our district is awesome, last tuesday, after district meeting, we recorded Elder Johnson rapping and me playing the guitar, it was so much fun, our district is awesome! He is way good at coming up with lyrics on the spot and a super hard worker too! He has set a great example for me and helps me strive to work harder too :)

Man, so we were helping a lady move the other night. No offense to them, but they were totally unprepared to move. They procrastinated at were rushing it. They only had us Elders to help them move. We got there at 8, did not leave until 11. I know, we were out way past curfew, but they really needed the help. It was just very aggravating at times cuz the lady was being a little controlling at times, and you know how I do NOT like being controlled at all. It was just another experience to learn patience. I will send pictures of the truck after we had finished packing. It looked like they were transporting an elephant or something haha :)

Ok, so story time. On Friday, we were having a fast for some of the Elders in our mission who are opening up a new area. Well, the same day we were going on a bus trip for the old folks home in Copper Ridge (we usually go on fridays for service). The bus trip was lunch at a place called "Earls". We were fasting for breakfast and lunch, and we are pretty hungry, but we know we can go for one more meal. Well, when we get to the restaurant, the girl greeting us was not really dressed modestly. Very tight, revealing clothing, really short skirt, very fair daughter of God pretty much. We sit down, and I notice that every waitress in the restaurant is dressed like that! They have the girls dress like that for bigger tips. Elder Bowes and I had no idea about this place. We tell them we cannot order anything because we are on a special fast and they were understanding about that. Throughout the whole dinner, the people at our table are describing what is in their food and keep on offering us some, even tho we told them we can't. So the lunch involved a delicious meal that we could not partake of, while having tons of Bathshebas walking around. We were literally in a world of temptation in there! I pretty much just stared at the ceiling the whole time. I counted how many wine bottles they had on the wall, to keep me entertained. They had 107, a lot from the 1990s too actually.

I love each and everyone of you! I have been pretty bad with not responding to a lot of your e-mails, but I do read them and I will put forth a better effort to respond. Thank you for supporting me! I love you!! Oh and Briar happy birthday!!!! Sorry, I am awful with birthday wishing! :( haha

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also - 3 Nephi 13:21
Love, Elder Hartman 1

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