Monday, June 6, 2011

Fruit Loops and Farts

Hello again everyone!

Man, every time I have no idea where to start for my e-mails, something I struggle with a lot. I got mom and dads package this week. Thank you so much for that. I got a letter from Aaron too!! I was super stoked on that one. I am just going to start saying who I get mail from so whoever wrote me will know when I got it. As I said last time, mail is very slow up here and can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to get here. PLUS, the post offices are going on strike too....wonderful...but they are switching up areas every time they strike so the post office in our area won't be going on strike the whole time.

This week was really good! We had some pretty good numbers! We picked up a new investigator! We were super happy about that. We tried to visit less actives on Saturday, but there was a hockey game, it is pretty much like Soccer in South America, people DO NOT want to talk to you. We found that out the fun way :) The weather has been overcast the last few know me, I DISLIKE overcast! (I am trying not to use the word hate anymore cuz its such a strong 4 letter word you know what I mean?) I was really upset about that. I have so many stories to tell, but not enough time to share them!! I almost face planted the other day, that made us giggle a little bit.One member was talking about how he is comfortable enough with us to fart in front of us casually, that was funny.
. Elder Meteer and I were bored one night, so we had a contest to see who could throw
the most froot loops into the cup. I won :)
We got into a bit of a fight and the result was Elder Meteer ripping my pocket...

This last Sunday was fast Sunday, so we had fast and testimony meeting. I realized I have not given my testimony in church yet on my mission! So I got up and bore my testimony. I talked a lot about the tender mercies Heavenly Father bestows upon us everyday and so many times we overlook them. I read out of Isaiah 41:10,13. read those scriptures when you get a chance, I absolutely LOVE them! When I read them, I picture Heavenly Father being very tender and merciful in these spiritual verses. They really impacted me and reassured me that His hand is ALWAYS outstretched to us. I think that our problem a lot of the time is that, we do not doubt that Heavenly Father can help us and will help us, its that we think of ourselves too unworthy a lot of the time. I know that is my biggest problem and something that I am trying to work on. I am trying to look for Heavenly Father's tender mercies everyday and try and find at least one. It really helps strengthen your faith when you actually try and look for how Heavenly Father is involved in your life!

I love you. Thanks again for taking the time to read the letters and write me, even tho it is pretty expensive. Good luck to Aaron who is going into the MTC next week!! And Brad who is leaving soon as well! I am sure he cannot wait to get out of there! I was only in 3 weeks and I was bored of it after the first week! Love you all, thanks again!

Elder Hartman1


That story about you two teaching the investigator made me laugh SO hard!!! The thing was, I could picture it so easily too!! That is a huge compliment to mom tho, when they said they wish she could bare her testimony to everyone in the church, I totally agree. Mom has such a strong testimony. I cannot believe you are getting ready to head out! And mom said she wants to go on another one?? That would be awesome, you two will be spiritual GIANTS by the time you are ready for the Celestial Kingdom!! haha.

I am so jealous you got to see some of my buddies in the MTC, but I do love the thought that we are all going to be out serving the Lord, united under one purpose. I cannot wait till we are all back and share stories that we had with each other. I can't imagine what this must me like for you dad. Just like the good ol' days in Denmark eh?? Except with a little more leniency of course :) Congratulations again for your call to labor in Africa for the Lord. I am so excited for you. The spiritual high you are on is nothing short of amazing! I love both of you so much and appreciate everything you have done for me over the years. I was not nearly as appreciative as I should have been. I love you!! Thanks again!!

Elder Hartman1

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