Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello everyone!

Before I start and get into everything, I realize that sending mail up
here, especially packages, is EXPENSIVE! So honestly, do not worry
about sending me a lot of mail. I do not want you spending that much
money on me. Just e-mail me and that will be just fine :)

The first week here was awesome!! They were not lying when they said
that you do a lot of service here. In 3 days, we did about 11 or 12
hours of service! We helped a member chop up and move wood and stack
it from about 10-4:30. I loved it, I love manual labor! The next day,
we helped a member with his back porch, that was was fun. The weather
here has been SO nice!! It has been in the 80s the last few days!!! It
was soooo hot, I am not used to the 80s anymore as I was in Utah haha.

The members here are really kool. The ones that are active are very
nice and great about feeding us. My new companion, Elder Meteer, is
awesome! He is a White with Blue I believe. He is way pleasant, likes
to work, and loves to workout. We have been visiting a lot of less
actives and doing service. that is mainly what we do out here. A lot
of driving to, it is a huge area! But I love it :)

So the other day, we were driving to lunch with the windows rolled
down cuz the weather was just fantastic. I hear something smack the
side of the window and I didn't see what it was. I look around, then I
look down and right between my legs is a HUGE wasp!!! This thing was
probably as big as half of my thumb. It was huge! I am staring down at
it, thinking that it was dead, then I see its legs start to move! I
inform Elder Meteer about what is hapenning and he says to stay calm,
otherwise they attack you. So I am sitting there and the thing starts
crawling on my leg and around to my back! I could feel it crawling up
my back! Worst feeling ever. When we finally arrived, I booked it out
of the car and ran around, making sure it was off. The bees and wasps
up here are huge!!

It is so beautiful up here right now. I will be sure to take more
pictures today and send them to you next week. A lot of trees and
areas to go 4 wheeling (they call 4 wheelers "quads" up here). Very
fun place for outdoors, I love being outside and enjoying the nice
weather we have.

Well, that is all I have for this week. I love you all and again, do
not worry about mail, I will be just fine, just e-mail me and that
will be awesome! Good luck mom and dad, first day in the MTC! Even
though I would not really say you are in the MTC cuz you get to stay
at the cabin...ya I am a little bitter right now ;) I love you! Thanks
for everything!

Elder Hartman

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