Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Manhart (like Bravehart)

Hello again friends and family!

As always, thank you so much for the letters and support. I got 2 letters this week, one from Becky and the other from Shai, thank you very much! Sorry, I will not be able to send pictures this time because I forgot my cable to connect the camera with the comp and we are leaving for Skagway after we e-mail.

This last week has been a little slow. The hockey finals have been on over the last few days and when hockey is on, no one really wants to talk to you haha. We just finished teaching our new investigator another lesson today, that was really kool! It was funny, we planned out what we were going to talk about and teach him, but when we got there he had some quesitons about what he read and we just focused on answering those the whole time! I always like it when lessons don't go according to plan like that. It is better to focus on their quesitons when they have them spur the moment then ignore them and just teach what you have to. We are told to teach people, not lessons and that is what we followed and I am really glad we did to!

So funny thing, something happened with our Mission President, the new one coming in, and I guess he won't be our mission President anymore. The new mission President that is coming in is President and sister Beesley. They were going to go to Russia, St. Petersburg mission, but I guess something happend, probably realted to visa issues, and now the Clarks are going there and they are coming here! He used to be a pilot and knows TONS about jets and aircraft and all of that stuff. Hopefully we will like them, I am really nervous to meet them, hopefully I will like them. We are going to Juneau today, for the next 3 days for specialized training and zone conference. It will be the last time I see President and Sister Dance. That is going to be so sad, it will be very hard to seem them leave. We will fly back later this month to Juneau to meet the new mission President tho, so hopefully that will be good!

I was asked to give a talk this last Sunday on procrastination. What a perfect talk for me! I had Elder Meteer record it, when I get a chance, I will send it to you so you can listen :) I am sure mom knows a lot about me and procrastination ;) haha! It went really good tho, I started with Alma chpt 34:31-34 I believe. It really stood out to me tho, cuz our life here on earth, compared to eternity, is incredibly short! It made me realize that we literally cannot procrastinate on repenting, attending church, going to the temple and many other things. This is our chance to prove ourselves to Heavenly Father! I am really grateful I have the opportunity to prove myself here on earth and able to experience sorrow so I know joy and endure thro afflictions so I am made stronger. The thing that I am most grateful for tho, is how blessesd I am with such a wonderful family and friends. I have had nothing but positive and good influence in my life. I was just thinking about it the other day, almost ALL of my good buddies I would hang out with at home are on, or waiting for, their missions! That, and now mom and dad are even on theirs pretty much now! So crazy! I have been so immensly blessed with everyone in my life and I cannot thank all of you enough for that. I am so glad that all of my buddies and I are united in the same cause, bringing souls unto Christ and serving the Lord! I love all of you, and thank you again for being a positive influence in my life! I recently read in D&C 121:9 thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands. That could not explain my friends any more clearly. I love you all! Thank you again for your support!

Elder Hartman1

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