Monday, June 20, 2011

"You have a good heart..."

Hello everyone yet again.
So, just a heads up, the Canada postal service is on full strike now and has been for the last week and a half about, so if you sent any letters within the last 2 weeks, I have not gotten them and hopefully will within the next week, if they go back to work that is. Yes, I am VERY upset about that right now. You take away a missionarys mail, you take away his heart..... :'( just kidding, I will live, just really irritating right now.
Man, this past week was so awesome, but at the same time, it sucked way bad too!!! As a lot of you know, President and Sister Dance are leaving soon, so they are going around to all of the zones and having their last Zone Conference with eveyrone. I will be honest, it was harder seeing them leave then it was leaving home. I am sure some of you will be a little dissapointed with me saying that, but it is the truth. I think the other missionarys in our family can realte tho :). Honestly tho, I could not believe how hard it was. With every ounce of conviction in me, I wish they could stay, but I know that their time is up and they are needed elsewhere. I do not like change all that much right now I can honestly say, but is a good thing. That is the process of repentance anyway right?? Change? Haha, just trying to be a little optimistic right now.
This is a picture from our flight out of Skagway.
Bearing my last testimony to them was hard enough, but when President Dance started walking around the room and saying all of his personal goodbyes, that was the worst, and who did he have to start with?? Ya, me.....I finally pulled myself together cuz I was bawling like a baby, but when he hugged me again, I just broke down again. He whispered "you have grown so much already, you have such a good heart, I am so proud of you". Can you say bitter sweet!?!? That is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. The first thing was trying to tell dad that he is ALMOST comparable to handsomeness as me ;). We have our last weekly with President Dance today. I am putting off writing it as long as I can cuz I am in denial right now haha. It was really kool tho, so for my last testimony, I basically was thanking President and Sister Dance and saying how much I love them. I felt bad cuz after I sat down, I was thinking to myself "that wasn't really a testimony, that was just me thanking them and saying I love them". I told Elder Meteer my thoughts about it and he said "it was a testimony of your love for them". I liked that, it was really good insight and gave me comfort. You can bare a testimony about your love for someone. We pretty much do it for the Savior all the time!
We watched the movie, "The Testaments" today with our investigator, such a good movie! The spirit was so strong as we were watching it. I always love seeing how Christ did acts of random kindess, I like to call them "ARK's", from the movie Evan Almighty. Just seeing how much love and compassion he had on everyone is nothing short of amazing. I recently saw a painting that showed someone entering into Heaven and Christ giving him a hug and welcoming him. I love thinking about that. About being reunited with our Heavenly Father and Christ and everyone down here on earth. It is really comforting to know that we are all stuck with each other for eternity, even tho at times that does not sound all too pleasant ;). I love this gospel. I truly have felt the Saviors love out here while laboring in his service. We, missionarys, are really spoiled I think. We have everything taken care of, food, car, housing, everything. All we have to do is spread his gospel among his children. It is the best and I love every minute of it!! Congratz mom and dad for making it Africa safely! One thing to watch out for, always be sure to lock your car and keep an eye on it. A member in my last area went to South Africa for his mission and said that he went thro I think 4 cars himself, and during his time on his mission they went thro 10! They like cars I guess haha. Congratz to Trav and Easton for making all stars!! And good luck Terra and Jeremy on preparation for Hawaii!! Thank you all for your support! I know, this letter is a LONG one, even I am impressed!
Elder Hartman1

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