Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Months

Hello once again everyone.

So just an update, HOPEFULLY the strike ends today. That is what we were told on Friday, so we are going to go check after e-mails. Believe me, a lot of praying has gone towards the Canadian Post Office and we are striving to forgive them for their transgression towards the innocent missionaries, but I digress (which means: to leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing, for those who do not know smart :)) I have not received any packages from anyone, neither Summer's, nor Mom's, I will let you know when I do tho!

Also, shout out to Summer and Travis for 13th Anniversary!!! WAHOO! Hard to think its only been 13 years huh? ;) I was 6 when you got married?? Ya that is a crazy thought wow...And mom and dad eating ox tongues, I think it was? Man, that is crazy! I know that people up here all parts of the moose, literally. I have eaten moose hoof, not all that bad, the jaw, which doesn't taste bad until you get to the bone marrow, and the eye, which feels like a huge loogie in your mouth the whole time, appetizing huh? :)

Well, as you have probably observed from the subject of the e-mail, I hit 6 months in two days...yikes!! It is so crazy to think that 1/4 of my mission is already pretty much gone. They really do not lie when they say that time flies on a mission, almost too fast actually! I don't like it! I love how in tune you are with the spirit and how everyone treats you! They are so inviting into their homes, they are just nice to the missionaries. I still recall how dad told me a while ago about how Austin Nebeker was saying that his mission was passing by too fast and it was scaring him. I remember how I wanted to feel that way about my mission, but never thought I was going to. Well, I do now! I am still very glad that I am in the beginning of my mission still, well kind of, I do not really know how to measure it. But I love it, with all of my heart. If I could take the state of Alaska and shrink it down to like a pillow size (I don't know how else to measure it or make a connection) I would embrace it and never let go! I love reading all of your testimonies from that book that Terra put together for me (thank you again Terra!!). It helps strengthen my testimony so much! I still remember when Travis and I were talking before I left and he HAMMERED into my head, "follow EVERY rule!". He was nice enough to include it in his testimony too ;). I still remember the time he told me that "the more obedient you are, the more freedom you will have". It is so true! The rules and commandments are not to restrictive, but protective! I am so glad I learned that early on in life and can apply it to myself out here. I know that they have a lot of mission rules, not to be taskmasters, but to protect us and the church and I am happy to obey them :). Jeremy also said how being obedient blesses you in his testimony too! That just backed it up for me and helped clarify it for me. I want to share with you something, word for word, that I wrote in my spiritual thought journal that I wrote the other day after doing personal study. I will say the date at the beginning too, so you know when I wrote it. Hopefully it will have as much significance towards you as it did to me.

June 25th, 2011
Family is the single most important unit here on this earth-this life! It has been said that the most important work we do will be "within the walls of our own homes". How great a joy and knowledge that families can be together forever! How blessed are we to know that after our time here on this earth is up that it is not the end! How fortunate are we to know that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us so immensely that he gave his only begotten son to make it possible for us to return and live with him again. How great reason we have to rejoice, to know that families are forever. How fortunate are we to be apart of something that draws us closer to each other every day. We feel more love towards once another, more joy in the journey, closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We have to recognize what matters most in this life. Once we do, we are blessed beyond comprehension. If we follow our Father in Haven's plan, how pleased he will be. What is more rewarding to a parent than a happy, cheerful, obedient child? Our Father in Heaven loves each and every one of us individually. He wants nothing but the best for us! Heavenly Father, I love you. 

I love you all, thank you again for your support.
Shout out to my buddies who are still in the MTC, Aaron and Cache, stay strong! Enjoy it! And to all of my other friends around the world! Trevor in Milan, Italy. Landon in Argentina, Rosario. Stephen in Zimbabwe. Brad in Madagascar. Olex in St. Louis, Missouri. Brayden in Rome, Italy. Love you guys!! Cannot wait to see you all again!!

Elder Hartman1

(Note from Terra - TJ sent some great pictures that I can't resize and add to the blog yet. 
Please check back, I'll figure it out tonight.)

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