Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello family,

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!! Man, I cannot believe it is already your birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful and fun birthday!

So, as I am sure you all know, Elder Ashby's eye surgery was on thursday. His operation was about 2 hours, I waited there for about 4-4 1/2, it was long let me tell ya. He is doing good tho, slowly recovering. I have been going on splits whenever I can with other companionships. We have to keep all of the lights in the houz off all day cuz his eyes are really light sensitive.  I usually open the door for a little bit and soak in the light from outside for as long as I can before I have to close it again. He has to meet with the doctor again this Wednesday to check up. Not quite sure how long the recovery is supposed to be, but from the looks of it, he is doing good. I have definitely learned what it means to actually have compassion for someone. It really makes a difference to them and they really appreciate. It has been nice, we have been getting a lot of help from other companionships as well. He has received a lot of love these last few days. I told him to be sure and thank Heavenly Father for helping him out with all of this because this kind of love it really special. It is so amazing how Heavenly Father places trials and afflictions in our path, not because he does it for no reason or out of hate or anything, but because he loves us and they are only for our benefit, even if we do not see that.

I cannot believe Mother's Day is next week!! Yikes!! I still remember mom saying "only 62 more days till we get to talk to you!!" now it is next week!!! That will be so awesome to see all of you! I have gained a little weight so hopefully it will not show :). I am still a little unsure when I am getting on skype. Just keep the e-mails ready in the morning and I will let you know as soon as I can when I am getting on. Love you!!

Elder Hartman

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