Monday, May 16, 2011

Fresh Air

Hello again my amazing and wonderful family!

Thank you so much again for all of the letters and support! I got the packages this week mom thank you so much for all of them! I still have not gotten the gatorade yet, but we are going to go to the mission office after e-mails so I am pretty sure it will be there.
Well this week was not that bad. We FINALLY got to go out tracting cuz the weather was not bright so Elder Ashby could go out and work for a good period of time. It is sad, the nicer and more clear the day is, the worse it is for Elder Ashby and his eyes. I step outside and it is clear blue skies and I am literally jumping around cuz I am so happy about this wonderful weather and Elder Ashby is talking about how much he hates it cuz it is hard on his eyes, which is totally understandable. I just love being outside in the nice weather. If we could, I would much rather walk everywhere than drive, just so I can get some exercise and shave off a little bit of chub :)
We had a specialized training this week. It was awesome, we got to hear some Elder's who are going home give their last testimony. It is crazy to think that someday I will be up there, I am so scared for it tho cuz that is the moment when you really start to realize that your mission is actually coming to an end. Until then tho, I have to enjoy it and get everything out of it as best as I can. It is so awesome how right when you are at the point of breaking, Heavenly Father lends you a hand and picks you up. Spencer W. Kimball once said that it is thro another person that our Heavenly Father meets our needs. I have experienced that time and time again on my mission. I love it!! 
One thing I have learned out here is how important it is to make the right choice. Spur the moment, it is incredibly hard to do it and it may even seem like the wrong thing, but once you have made that choice, at first you regret it for a little bit, but as you look back and reflect on it, you do not regret anything. It is totally vice versa with the wrong choice, spur the moment, it is easy to do and seems like the right thing and you may even enjoy it for the moment. Looking back on it tho, you regret it and you always remember it. I looked back over several things that I could have easily chosen the right choice, but I did not and now I regret it. I still am amazed at everything I have learned and how much I have grown. It is hard, but it is totally worth it. I will be forever grateful that I chose to go on a mission and I would always choose a mission first over school, sports, anything! Just like Kehl said (the one who plays football) how he would always choose a mission first over college and football. I completely agree :)

Thank you again family for everything. I love each and everyone of your e-mails and they are always exactly what I need to hear. I love you!

Elder Hartman1

Elder Loto and I - he heads home this month.
Service Project at the Library
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