Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hello everyone!

Well, as you heard, I am now in Whitehorse Canada eh!?!? Haha, man the
people up here are so different. They are really nice and friendly,
but just kinda seem different to me. It is so weird to think that I am
in another country now!!

I am doing fine on coreg and my medicine and yes I got the workout
package, thank you so much for that! I sent home 3 packages of clothes
and stuff that I do not need yet, you should get it either today or
tomorrow, at least that is what the post office told me on Saturday.

There is only one other companionship out here and it is a Senior
couple, the Powles (I think thats how you spell it). They have been
out since February, this is their 4th mission! Yikes! My new companion
is Elder Meteer, he is from Loomis California. He has been here 2
transfers, so 3 months. Missionarys stay in Whitehorse for 6 months,
so he will be here for 3 more. We are getting along really good
already! Guess what, he loves working out!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I was so
happy when I heard that. We stayed up for probably about an hour just
talking about working out and our favorite lifts and maxs etc. So now
I can really start getting back into shape again. Maybe I will even
catch up to Travis on pull ups! ;)

The car ride up here was something else. I left Anchorage at 6 in the
morning and got in Whitehorse at 12:30 am. 18 hour bus ride...I tried
to take pictures, I will send those up in a different e-mail. I will
also send up a little recording I did about halfway thro it, I am sure
you will find it humorous :). Total distance I rode: about 724 miles,
in one day yikes haha, but it was worth it! I rode next to a Christain
pastor for the first 5 hours, I was really nervous, but he was
actually pretty nice. There was 2 other women, one was from Ireland,
the other was from England. They both sounded so kool!! I kept asking
them questions just I could hear them talk!

Well, some facts about the Yukon territory. We cover the whole
territory, but we rarely leave Whitehorse. It is twice the size of
California, if I recall right, and the total population is 31,000,
26,000 of which live in Whitehorse. The reason it is called Whitehorse
is because of the rapids in the river that runs thro it. They look
like the white maims of running horses, hence Whitehorse! We are in a
branch up here. There is 150 members total and about 60 are active. I
met some of the families yesterday, they are way nice! They call
natives up here 1st nations, not native americans or the other common
names. Some of the Canadians are funny to listen to and they tend to
mock us Americans because we know nothing about Canada, but Canada
knows a ton about us, which is true, they know a ton about us!

So yes, I will be here until November about. It is crazy to think that
when I leave here I will almost have been out a year!!! Yikes! I have
a lot to look forward to and I am really excited to get to know
everyone better. That is so crazy that mom and dad are leaving for the
MTC next week!!!! It seems like yesterday that I was enjoying J-Dawgs
and dropped off at the MTC! Which is the first place I want to visit
when I get back to, if at all possible :). Good luck Terra and Jeremy
on packing for Hawaii as well! Try to think of me while you are
working on your tans ;) I love you all, thank you so much for your

The new address that you have to label while writing me is:
68 B Teslin Road (or Drive either works)
Whitehorse, YT Y1A-3M6

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