Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4 Months Out

Hello again everyone!
Wow, it is crazy to think that it has already been almost 4 months since I have been out! Time flies right on by without you knowing!!! Thanks again to everyone for sending the packages, I always love them and appreciate them so much, they are awesome!!! Thank you so much again! Thanks Terra for that book you sent me to! I signed it on the front, sorry I did not really ask your permission before I did and I do not know if Jeremy wants just his name on the front to keep up his reputation or something :) haha
So we went to the temple today! That was so awesome, the spirit that you feel right when you walk in is nothing short of amazing, I cannot get enough of it!! I try to soak in as much as I can and just enjoy the spirit. I was thinking, when I get back, we should go to the temple before I am released as a missionary so I can go with my family while I am still a missionary. Good idea? Bad? I think it would be fun, but only if it works for you :)
Well the closer Elder Ashby's operation comes, the harder Satan works on us. His eyes have been TERRIBLE this last week. President Dance told us at interviews that we should put forth our best effort until his operation so we can say we worked hard and almost earned the rest. His operation is tomorrow, we are not sure what time yet. All I know is that I am going to be having huge leaps in my reading! Hopefully everything will go smooth and it will be a successful operation. I am going to be going on some exchanges while Ashby recovers, I am looking forward to that, getting to see how other companionships work and what they do to be successful.
The weather is staying around a solid 45-50! It has been so nice! We are walking around without our suitcoats on, it is heaven. I start to sweat really easily when is above 50, I know that is way messed up but it is all I know! We are probably going to be baptising Nina next week so that is really exciting, she is really excited and looking forward to it. We are just really hoping that Dori (her gothic mother) does not show up dressed in all black and making a scene, fingers crossed! That is awesome about Gentry getting his call to Alabama! I don't know why, but I can easily picture him going there. Exciting news about Jared and Ryan too! Can't wait to hear where they will be called!
Well everyone, thank you again so much for everything you do and continue to do. I know that this is where Heavenly Father wants me and is right where I should be, even though at times I really question it. One really important thing I have learned out here though is that, our Heavenly Father loves us enough to break us down so when we rebuild we are stronger and wiser. It is through our mistakes that we are made stronger. It is from our mistakes that we learn better and better ourselves. I would never endure through something like this unless I knew with every ounce of conviction in my body that it is true! I love this church and nothing will ever change that! I love you!
Elder Hartman UNO! ;)

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