Monday, February 6, 2012

Goals Help Us See Our Potential

Hello once again everybody,
Things are still going great here in Alaska, the weather has been very kind to us as of late. It has been staying around 20 now, so we can actually talk to people while tracting. We have had pretty good success in that area actually, we have found a lot of great potentials and met a lot of great people. You really do notice the difference when the sun is out for a legitimate period of time. The people are a lot happier, as are we. One of the things I like most about tracting is talking to people on the door step, just getting to know them and such. We have a bright future for our finding efforts, we have a lot more to work with now.
On the way to one of our dinner appointments, we got stuck 3 times - my comp was driving - NOT that I am critisizing him in anyway, he just has not had a whole lot of experience driving in Alaska. He was Senior comp for the day, which by the way is my plan for this transfer, to give him a lot more opportunity to take the lead and be the driving force; it is part of the training program, and he is also a big White personality, so he needs it too. We had a YSA member come with us that night, his name is Ezra, but you can call him Sampson or Samson, you know who I am talking about. I say that because he is incredibly strong, my goodness! He pushed our car out all three times! He can, after all, bench 500+ and squat 757, pretty impressive.
The ward is doing great, we are getting along really well with the members. We actually have a dinner tonight with the Klatt bishop, I am very excited for it! It was a bummer, in ward council the other day, we did not have a whole lot to report on. We had 7 cancelled lessons this week, so we did not have great results. It is always a downer when lessons fall thro, but there are also missionaries who have worse as well, so I will not complain. We actually got close to our goal of total lessons taught this week, our goal was 16 and we got 13. Not 20 lessons, but it is definitely something. Goals really do help us see what we are made of. I am the worst goal setter in the world, I can write it down and start off strong, but following thro is a whole other story. That is something that I have been striving to work on is goals. M. Russel Ballard said that goals will help us see our potential so when we look back in life, we will see accomplishment, not regret. It is important that we set goals that are attainable, but also make us stretch. That will be something that will take me a while to work on, but it will also help me drastically in the process.
Thank you again everybody for everything. I love you and think about you often!
Elder Hartman1

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