Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Curve Balls

Hi everybody,
This week has been really crazy. Lately, a lot of stuff has been thrown at us last minute, mainly other missionaries who are coming into our area for a day, a little curveball every now and then. I would say the biggest change tho has been getting another trainee, Elder Clark. He is from Lehi, Utah and will be with us for the rest of the transfer, so not too long, like half of it ish. I do have to say, it is really interesting having a trio now, you definitely have to work differently and take a different approach to lessons and tracting, things like that. We have been doing a lot of splits lately, mainly me going with members in the ward and Holtz and Clark going with each other, I figure it will be great comp. unity for them, they get along with each other really well. It is stressful at times, but is and will be a great experience, one that I will look back on and be grateful that I went thro it.
This year is going by really fast I will admit, it is hard to believe it is already almost March. I am grateful because I have a lot to look forward too when I get home, but also want to use this time as best as I can and make the most of it. I will always be grateful I made this choice to serve the Lord.
Everyone is suspecting that I will be transferred, but who knows! I have been in this area for 3 transfers now, almost 4 1/2 months, so we will see what happens! This email is shorter, I am out of time in the library now. I love you all, thank you for your support!
Elder Hartman1
1.  Why did you never tell Stephan that we were here? He said you email almost every week!
I do email him every week. The thought never crossed my mind to tell him you were going there hahaha :)

2.  Do you know Elder Great?  If so tell him we have spent the week with his friends the Padovich's.  they think he is serving in Anchourage also?  Do you know an Elder Wilson that served here and just returned to Alaska a couple of months ago?  If so tell him he has a very good reputaion here in Zambia and Malawai.
I do know him, he is way tight and a fantastic missionary! He is in my zone right now actually. I do not know any Elder Wilson, sorry.

3.  We heard the weather is some of the worst ever but you said it is fine - which one is true?
My statement of course, I have no idea how this weather right now is the worst, they were probably referring to the winter we just had, not the current weather right now. I speak in present tense - not past ;)

4.  What is the most interesting thing that you happened to you this week?
Getting another trainee, so now I am training 2 missionaries at the same time haha

5.  How is your district?  What did you teach this week?  We LOVED your example you used about the math problem!
They are awesome, I love them all dearly. We actually met with the mission vehicle coordinator and did a training with him.

6.  What are you doing for Pday this week?  Have you ever been fishing there?  We hear many elders there do that a lot and love it.

Not quite sure yet. I have not been fishing here, it is not really a priority of mine to go either.

7.  Mikelle was wondering if you got your Valentines package from her.  Please let us know each week what you get so we will know if you are getting our packages.
I did get her package and it was great. Thank you Mikelle!

8.  Have you heard any fun news from any of your friends lately?  It was so fun seeing Stephan - he looks like he is from Argentina!  we will probably  see Brad in a couple weeks.  Makes me miss you even more!
I know that Landon is training right now! Other than that, no not really haha

9.  Did you get your medicine last week?  did you just get a month or what?
No......things keep coming up last minute, but I still have a comfortable amount, but I will get some today.

10.  Tell us something you love about your ward or a specific person there.
The ward is awesome. The ward mission leader is way tight, he keeps us really busy and is great about scheduling lessons for us.

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