Monday, January 30, 2012

Treat Everyone As a Friend

Hello again everybody,
Just a quick update, I am staying in the Klatt area with Holtz for one more transfer, due to the training schedule. Another 6 weeks here, which I am not mad about at all, this ward rocks! :) Beginning of March is when next transfer are I believe...just look up 6 weeks from now and you will find out :)
In regards to how the work is going. Things are the same as ever right now. I will admit, I was a little irritated this last week because I would love to see some progression with our investigators, but nothing - yet. I love them all tho, I love everyone in this area and I do my best to treat everyone as a dear friend, as a brother or sister, because they are! One thing I am trying to work on is extending bold commitments. Being bold is something that I am struggling with at the moment, I am too nice is the problem. Being bold is a form of love. That was something very valuable for me to learn. When I invite less actives to come to church, I was really casual in the beginning. When they would say their reason why they could not come, I would usually reply "oh that is ok, no worries" or something along the lines of that. What I realized I should be doing is telling them the blessings that come from coming to church and not being too relaxed on it. If I am showing that it is not a big deal to come, then they are getting that exact message; they do not see the reason why they should. Slowly, but surely, I have been working on that. I will always be more relaxed then ridig, I could never have my string too tight, no sir.
We have been having a lot of fun tracting. A lot of people think that you cannot have fun when every door is slammed in your face. I felt like proving them wrong :) Holtz and I have been having a blast tracting this last week. I will admit, I have been doing some dance moves every now and then, which we are not supposed to do, but I do know that Heavenly Father loves a happy, cheerful attitude! I actually have gotten some "Thriller" dance moves down pretty good now. I also have been talking in a Scottish accent on some doors. It is a great conversation starter and catches a lot of persons interest. We are certainly met with more rejection then acceptance, but you know what, it is worth it. Every second of the mission is worth it. I do not know how I could have pulled through without the help from everyone back home too! I do know that I am doing the right thing when I am experiencing a trial that is from God, not from the world. When I have a trial like that, I know that I am at least on the right track :) My biggest stressor (or stresser, however you spell that) is whether or not I am serving God in a pleasing way. When we do not see anyone the whole day, I feel pretty down when coming in the door. I want to draw people closer to Christ, but we are just having difficulties finding those people to do that with. I may just need to put forth some more effort on my part as well. Nevertheless, I am grateful to be out here. I love it. I love this gospel and I know that it is true and I know that Christ lives! I love you!!
Elder Hartman1


1.  What did you do that was FUN this week?
Tracting with a Scottish accent :)

2.  How are feeling - physically - emotionally and spiritually?  One word for all 3 is not acceptable.  Answer each one with a different word!
Physically; fabulous, emotionally; a little tired and stressed at times, spiritually; facing a lot of opposition, but growing :)

3. What was your best experience that you had this week?
Being let into a door while tracting, that always feels great :)

4.  Did you remember to tell your ward hello from Bishop Osborn?  What did they say?
No I did not, which ward was it again? Sorry, things like that tend to slip my mind :p

5.  Seeking less actives is a HUGE thing here - the missionaries spend a lot of time doing that - do you also do that?  Do you have a good ward mission leader that helps you?
Oh yes, we do a TON of less active work, that is where majority of our work is. Our WML is awesome, love him!!!

6.  I think you just had a transfer recently - which I know wouldn't affect you while you are training - when is your next transfer?
It did not, I am staying with Holtz in the area. Next transfers are in 6 weeks, so beginning of March I believe.

7.  How are things going in your district?  Is there anything that has been difficult for you to handle in that capacity?  What?
Going grrrrrreat. Nothing too difficult, no disputes or anything.

8.  How are the sister missionaries in your mission?  Do you still have them in your district?  Are they easier or harder for you?
Fabulous, yes they are still in the district. They would be easier I would say, I get along with sister missionaries really well (due to 4 older sisters ;))

9.  What are you studying right now?  Any good books you have read lately?
Just finishing up Jesus the Christ, awesome book, I highly recommend it.

10. Is there anything you need or want? 
A compliment :) hahaha kidding, no I am good for now 

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