Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Verbal Trespassing

Hello everyone,
Yesterday was a holiday, so that is why we are e-mailing today, you can just plan on that for future reference, because we use the public library here in Anchorage.
Things for our area are going great! We are gaining a lot of trust with the leadership of the ward and the members as well, which has been our focus the last little while. Training is going good, still got a lot of things to work on...Investigators are doing good, we pretty much have one on date, but he is on probation because he was let out of prison about 2 months ago, so we are talking with President to work this out. It is pretty stressful when everyone we are contacting keeps on saying they are not interested. One person even told us we were doing a verbal trespassing on his property, that caught us off guard.
It has been pretty chilly the last little while, which makes things a little tricky in regards to how we work. Have to do planning really carefully.
Sorry, short letter this week, things have been pretty stressful with our area and other things as well. I am grateful that a mission is hard tho, because it is only through resistance that we become stronger. Gotta press on and remember that faith is always pointed towards the future.
Thank you everyone for your support, the letter next week will be a lot better, I promise :)
Elder Hartman

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