Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Would Anyone NOT Want To Serve?

Hello everyone,
I got Summers package the other day, and the one from mom and dad, thank you so much, they were awesome! I am at the point where a lot of people start forgetting about me and mail is becoming even more precious now :) haha
Our missionary work is going good. I do not know what it is about this area, but we cycle through names like no ones business! In one hour, we visited 10 people, but had no success, sheesh! But, things are looking up, we have picked up a lot of great potentials from tracting and are planning on following up with them this week. My favorite thing to do with people, during tracting when it is cold, is doing the typical door approach and if they are not interested I usually try to say "it is awfully cold out here, do you mind if we just step inside for 2 seconds and warm up?". That has been a pretty easy way to get in, although it is awkward when people say no, then we just stand there to try and guilt trip them into doing it anyways ;) haha.
Long story short; the investigator I mentioned last week, who was on paroll, but wants to be baptized. We met with him Saturday and talked about it and said that we feel that we should not worry about putting him on date anytime soon - I always come close to baptizing investigators, but always seem to fall short, it is so weird! He is doing great tho, really likes the lessons we teach, likes us, getting great fellowship from the ward. So long as we do our part and point him in the right direction and teach him things he does not net know, I have a good feeling that everything else will fall into place.
It sounds like things are going great back home. Again, thank you so much for the updates, I know that occasionally I will write to ya'll personally, but time is a valuable thing that us missionaries just do not seem to have. Mom and dad can attest to that I am sure, with the schedule they update me with every week, wow! Crazy! You are working harder than me!! I think on of the best lessons I have learned on my mission is that hard work ALWAYS pays off. It may not instantly or right when you want it to, but it always does. People who succeed in life, do it because they worked hard, and that is the most valuable lesson Heavenly Father has taught me. Although I still have a lot to work on, I have gained an appreciation for hard work. It gives me a purpose, and then, when the time comes to rest, I have a sense of accomplishment as I do - I have 'earned' my rest if you will :) I am glad dad stressed to go on a mission. I can most definitely see why he would too! I do not see why anyone would not WANT to go on one! I am also grateful for the examples I have with all my bro in-laws, who all served honorable missions. Their example definitely added to me going :) and then of course, when I tell people I have 4 older sisters, the most common response is "wow, I am sorry", but I follow up with, "actually, it is a huge blessing, I get more mail right now then most missionaries get at this point in their missions". And I do, I still get a lot of mail and have a strong support system from everyone, and I am eternally grateful for that :) Thank you again everyone. I love you!
Elder Hartman1
P.S. I told you the letter this week would be better :)

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