Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waiting for Snow

Hello everyone,

I write this epistle with gratitude in my heart for the wonderful
opportunity I have to converse with my family and friends all over the
world :)

The weather is starting to get colder little by little every day. It
is staying around a steady 20-30F, but still no snow yet! I am
actually waiting anxiously for it to come, I cannot wait to see snow

Life is going good, I am doing fine in the area, we are working hard
and doing our best to get things rolling. We have been having a lot of
success contacting less actives in the ward, going to also be doing
some more active member lessons to.

We were on exchanges from Sat to Sun with the Assistants. E. Na'a came
into our area and E. Poole went with E. Adams in Anchorage (I served
with both of the assistants, E. Adams was my first comp and I served
with E. Na'a in Fairbanks for those who do not know). It was fun to be
with Na'a again, I miss that guy and love being around him; he has
always been a great friend on my mission. During our comp study, we
were talking about how our missions have changed us and we started
talking about spiritual experiences we had. I shared with him the
dream I had, I am not sure if ya'll remember this, where I was with
dad up in Sundance and we were walking down the road to the old park
where I would play when I was little and where the kids play now. When
we got there we started talking about our missions and sharing stories
and experiences. I have no idea why, but at this point in the story I
started crying, it was really weird. It is just one of those 'golden
moments' you have on a mission that really impacts you. I am so
grateful for all of the wonderful experiences I have had on my mission
and I cannot hardly wait to share all of them with ya'll. I have
written down as many as I can recall in both my spiritual journal and
normal, day-to-day journal. Thank you everyone for helping me come on
a mission. And also thank you for your continual support. I keep
telling members that I think the two most common phrases I say in my
letter home are 'I'm sorry" and "I love you." I say I am sorry because
I realize how much mom and dad put up with me while growing up. I say
I love you because I can never say it enough to the people who matter
most to me. I LOVE YOU! Thank you!
 Questions from Mom:
1.  What are you doing on Halloween?  Do kids go trick or treating or
is it too cold?

Just a normal proselyting day until 7 pm, then we head into our
apartments for the night. Yes, kids go trick or treating still - wish
we could...

2.  Did you get to see Elder Holland in Alaska?  When did he come
there?  Did he talk to all the missionaries?

I barely missed him actually...he came up right before I got back in
Anchorage from Whitehorse, so last November I think it was...yes, he
did a fireside for all of the missionaries.

3.  You never told me you went to Jill's house for dinner a few
times!!!!  How was it - why did you never mention it???

That is really weird I never told you that....my bad! It was good, her
laugh was just like yours actually, it was so weird! She is way nice
tho, it was fun to talk with her and get to know her a little bit.

4.  Tell us about your area.  How do you like it?  What is the ward like? etc.

It is the Meadow Creek ward. I love the members here, they are so
welcoming and loving, very nice ward. The work is a little slow at the
moment, but we are picking it up :)

5.  How is your companion?  Will you most likely be together till you leave?

He is awesome. No, I am almost certain we won't be together after this
transfer actually. He has been here for three transfers already and I
only have four weeks left after this transfer.

6.  Do you think your mission has changed you for ever?  How?

Oh yes, I most definitely think it has. The best way I can expound is
just by saying it has overrall made me a better person. I think the
best way will be for you to see me in person.

7. Did you get to go on splits to Nome?  How far is that from where
you are?  How big is your zone?  (people and area)

No, that is next week :) I don't know the exact mileage, but it is
really far away. Our zone is about 13 companionships, the area is big
due to the bush areas (Nome, Bethel and Kotzebue).

I loved your last paragraph in the letter mom - especially the part
when you said 'I am so glad I get to spend all of eternity with you.'
It really touched me and I am so grateful that we have that knowledge.
I too, am forever grateful that I will get to spend eternity with you.
It would not be heaven without you. I love you mom!!!


Elder Hartman 1

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