Monday, October 1, 2012

"I Know the Lord is Helping Us."

Hello again! This was yet another great week of missionary work, we have continually been blessed with people to teach and have had so much success it is unreal. Earlier this week we met with the family whom I told you a little bit about last week (the dad and his son who wanted their kids to take the missionary lessons). It was a great lesson, the grandpa sat in and gave great input, the only problem is the parents are not interested - which is a huge obstacle right now because if we were to baptize the kids, they would pretty much be baptized straight into inactivity. We really hope to set up a lesson later on this week and meet with just the parents and go over what we are teaching the kids. On a weather note: it snowed the other day! But quickly left a few hours later...the sun is out shining bright right now, but the temperature is dropping really fast - it is staying around a steady 25 - 30F. It is starting to get pretty chilly - I think winter is officially here! Another update: we are in a trio again - this is my fourth one! I honestly never thought I would be in a trio on my mission, let alone four of them. His name is E. Drake, he is from Danville, Ohio and has been out for about twenty months - one transfer behind me. He was actually serving in Sand Lake - the last area I was in in Anchorage. I miss that ward, I am grateful that I served there. We made a contact goal with our ward mission leader the other week. We did not have one before but we thought it would be really beneficial to make one and see the blessings come. The next morning, we made a contacting goal and prayed that, as we strived achieve it, we would have help from the Lord. That day, we were at a lesson and made a contact via the less active's friend who was not a member, which was great. After the lesson, we went to the elevator and started talking to the guy who was in there and made another contact right after the first one. After we got off, E. Boyer said 'it is so funny to see how the Lord literally puts people in our path to contact.' No sooner did the last word leave his lips that another lady down the hall says out loud to us 'I was baptized Mormon.' We talked to her, set up a lesson, and went on our way. Three great contacts in ten minutes, it was awesome. It just comes to show how when you really desire something - a goal - the Lord will help you accomplish it. It has been so fun talking to people and actually having an objective throughout the day to achieve. We have seen the blessings come from it and I know the Lord is helping us. Thank you, as always, everyone. I love you very much! Until next week, take care! Love, -Elder Hartman1 Questions From Mom: 1. Tell us about teaching this week - in particular the 9 grandkids of the biker in the church parking lot. It was a great lesson we had with them, we basically taught about Heavenly Father and His love for us and how He shows that to us by blessing us with families. We are currently working on trying to get the kids parents involved right now so the family will be more unified. The kids want to come to church, but the parents are not interested, it is sad and pretty hard; we have been doing a lot of praying for them. 2. Is it getting cold there now? Are you prepared for the cold? You still have your warm clothes right? A little chilly yes, around 20-35F. Ya, I am ready for the cold (I think). I have all of my warm clothes, yes, so I should be good :) 3. What stands out this week in your mind as being a great experieince? We were teaching an active member lesson on Friday and we were at the point where we talk about how the gospel blesses families. We started off the lesson with a video - you should watch it, it is the one about a man named Jarem who is an amputee. At one point in the video, he is on a ski lift and I recognized the scenery instantly - Sundance, my favorite place in the whole world. After we watched it, I commented on it and said how every year, my family and I usually go up to Sundance for the holidays. I told them how, looking back over those many years, I start to realize why I loved it so much: it was not so much the temporal gifts - although they were still awesome and I loved them - that I recalled, but it was just spending time with the family. Seeing the Christmas tree lit up, all of the decorations up around the house and the whole family just relaxing and enjoying each others company. It was the memories and being with the family that was the treasure and the thing I remember most and that to me was a testimony that Heavenly Father loves us; He blesses us with these wonderful treasured memories so that we can reflect on them and experience joy in the trials of our lives. I love the holidays, and I LOVE being with the family :) 4. Who are you currently teaching? A lot of people, some more actively than others. I do not think we can give out names, which is why I never mention anyone in specific. 5. What are you doing for pday today? Running a lot of errands, then playing basketball. We might be playing golf with a less active in the ward, but it might be too cold, but she is also taking us out to lunch to which will be nice :) 6. Do you think you will have any changes with transfers next week? In our companionship, sadly, yes I am sure there will be a change....I think I will be staying with E. Drake and E. Boyer will be leaving and going back to his old area...which is awesome, it is just bitter sweet :'( 7. We will be sending you your ballot to vote. Do you know who you will vote for? I have no idea who I will vote for...have dad give me basic info on both of the candidates so I can somewhat of a rational choice. 8. Mikelle will be registering you in the next couple weeks - any thing you would like her to do about classes - or should we just guess? What classes did you take last semester? Just guess, I will go to class when I have to, I am not sure if I want to overload right off the bat, but I whatever you want to me to do or think is best should be fine. Use your best judgement :)

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