Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Warm Welcome

Hi everyone, Well, my letters will probably be a little shorter now, seeing as that I am going to be doing my e-mails in Anchorage again so I am on a time limit. I have had a really warm welcome into the new ward that I will be serving in for at least the next five weeks now. The members are very nice, I have loved all of the families we have had dinner with already. We do a lot of tracting here for work; it has taken me a little getting used to again, since I am used to doing more teaching and contacting people via the ward roster, but it is like the good ol' days in Whitehorse again! Knockin' doors 'till you cannot remember if you already knocked some of them or not :) My new comp is way awesome, his name is E. Poole and he is from the San Fransisco bay area, if I remember right...He went to BYU for a year before his mission, so he is pretty familiar with Utah. He served with one of my companions for a little bit, E. Ashby, if y'all can remember him. He is way intellectual, very smart person, understands the doctrine really well, we have some good deiscussions about it :) Hopefully this transfer we will get to go out to Nome for exchanges, we will talk to Pres. probably a little later today and see what he says. This zone is really good, need some unity building, but that will come in time. Not sure if I will finish my mission here or not, probably. We spent a lot of the day today moving apartments, so stressful, but we got most of it done! Time is short, I apologize for not having a lot of good info yet, but I will have more next week. I love you! Thank you for everything! Love, -Elder Hartman1 Questions From Mom: 1. Did you find your camera charger? No, but E. Poole is letting me use his, bless his heart :) 2. Tell us bout your new area. How do you like it so far? We looked on google but could just find the National Forest - do you have an address? Will you most likely spend the rest of your mission there? How do you feel about that? I like it, a little rough getting the work going, but we are growing throughout the experience. I do not have an address yet, sorry. We live in Eagle River. If you look at Meadow Creek Rd, that is in the middle of our area pretty much. I am not sure if I will spend the rest of my mission here or not, I kind of just want to finish my mission just a Senior comp. missionary, not a Zone Leader, but whatever the Lord wants I will do. I would be fine with finishing my mission here, but I would also like to go somewhere else, so mixed feelings about it I guess :) 3. Tell us about your new companion. It is ok to omit his shoe size. E. Poole, from San Fransisco bay area, went to BYU Provo for a year. Very smart, highly intellectual. About 6'2, has three other siblings, second oldest. I think he wants to be a lawyer if I remember right, but he is still undecided - like me :) 4. How is your new zone? How many missionaries in it? Do you know most of them? Is it a good one like your last? It is pretty good. There are, I think, ten companionships? I cannot recall the exact number at the moment. I know a good amount of them, yes. We are working on the unity right now, but that is because it is pretty spread out is the problem, so unity has always been a challenge here. Fairbanks was just a whole other world in itself, that place was perfect :) 5. Are you mostly teaching natives (eskimos?) or is it regular people there? Is it a populated area? Mostly regular people actually, you teach more natives out in the bush areas for the most part, not in the city. It is a pretty populated area, I think it is the fourth biggest city in Alaska, about 32,000 people if I remember right.... Hopefully those answers suffice! I love you mom!

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