Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello everyone,

Brief rundown on why you are getting this weekly letter today: We went
down to Anchorage for Zone Leader Council and were there until this
morning and drove back up and got back a few hours ago. That is why
you are just getting this :)

I got the package from Summer while I was there. I have not opened it
yet, I will probably wait until tonight to do that :) Thank you

The trip to Anchorage was way good. It was fun seeing some old
companions and missionary friends. I don't know if y'all remember
Elder Meteer; he was my first companion in Whitehorse, and he just
went home yesterday - went home early for school. He is so awesome, I
am missing him so much right now, but I will see him when I get back.
We were both actually wondering if he could maybe stay at our house
during the middle of Dec. when I get home possibly....If not it is
totally fine, but he would stay until my homecoming. If you want his
e-mail I can give it to ya and you can talk to him then :)

Update on last week: it was the first time on my mission I taught
twenty lessons! 19 months and I hit the missionary standard. We saw a
ton of less actives last week, it was a bomb week. We put another one
of our investigators on date for the 25th of Aug. We are very excited.
We rode bikes all day Saturday, I felt like a real missionary because
that is how everyone kind of pictures missionarys, with the helmet and
backpacks. It was a lot of fun, it was actually our most productive
day too, we taught seven lessons and picked up a new investigator who
wants to be baptized! He (the new investigator) literally called us
last Wednesday (last week) and said he met with the missionarys before
in Alaska but had to go to Colorado for eleven months and is now back
and wants to meet with us again; we wants to know what he has to do to
be baptized. It was a great lesson we had with him, he already has a
testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, there is nothing we
need to do other than just commit him :) Our are is definitely picking
up, it is way cool.

While we were in Anchorage, I worked in the Sand Lake ward a little
bit during the evenings with E. Kvavle (pronounced quively, nothing
like how it looks). Since it was my last area, the people we visited
still remembered me pretty well. It was so nice being back there
again, I miss that area, it was a blast. It is also great to hear
about some of the people you were teaching who got baptized or less
actives that you worked with started coming back to church. I have
really enjoyed all of the areas I have served in on my mission and my
companions too, I have been very blessed :)

On a sad note: I lost my camera!!!!!! You have no idea how incredibly
upset I am over that....It is going to bother me forever. I looked and
looked and looked and could not find it. I lost it while in Anchorage.
We looked all over the apartment we stayed at and everything. I am so
frustrated. I was so excited to show everyone the pictures I had and
tell the stories behind them....ugh. Hopefully it turns up sometime! I
have been praying really hard to find it. I will let you know if I

It is scary to see missionarys who have been out were out on their
mission just a little bit longer than me start going home. I have to
start thinking about school and life after the mission now. It does
scare me quite a lot - hopefully I am not awkward or anything. Next
time we go to the temple, I will probably start focusing and praying
on a career and school. I hope I have a smooth transition with it all!

That is all for this week! Thank you everyone for your consistent
prayers and support throughout my mission. You have no idea how much
it they have helped me endure thro it and make the most of it. I love
you all and thank you sincerely for it.

Elder Hartman 1
1.  What was your favorite thing that happened this week?

Going down to Anchorage for Zone Leader Council and seeing some old
companions and missionary friends :) we also visited the Sand Lake
ward - my last area - for a little bit, got to see some members, it
was way fun :)

2.  I'm so happy you finally got your meds.  How are you feeling overall?

Pretty good, a few pains in my side every now and then, but nothing
too big tho. Doing great :)

3.  What are you doing today for pday?

Well, it is Wednesday because we drove down to Anchorage early on
Monday morning and we were there until today - we just got back about
an hour and a half ago. Today tho, we are working in our area and
planning a baptism that we are going to have this weekend :)

4.  Did you meet Heather and her family yet?  I guess they are living
with Jill while they redo their house?

No I have not. I will let you know when I do.

6.  At his point in you mission what rule would you say is hardest for
you?  why?

Always staying within sight and sound of your companion. I like to
have some Peace every now and then ;) imagine that haha

7.  You said one of the issues you had in your current area was
getting the trust of your members - weren't your 2 companions in the
same area for the past 6 or so months?  Why is that still an issue?

I honestly am not sure. It is getting better tho, the bishop is really
taking a liking to us it seems like. We saw a ton of less actives last
week - twenty two to be exact - and some of them were ones that the
ward has not had contact with for almost a few years now :)

8.  Is their a gospel princiiple that is currently on your mind
lately?  If so what?

There are always a lot of them on my mind actually, but I would say
hope. That is still something I am trying to work on right now the
most. I try to find something to hope for in the future - especially
when times are hard.

9.  Any more thoughts on school when you get home?  What?  Where?
Living where?  Should we get Mikelle to get you registered - do you
want to pick your classes or should we get you signed up for some of
your basics?

I want to go back to UVU I am pretty sure. I am not sure where I will
live yet to be honest. If I can find some roommates then I will
probably live with them, but if not I hope it will be okay if I live
at home for a little bit. I am not sure about the classes yet. I think
I need some more time for that one - ask me again in the future tho
please :)

10. What kind of companion do you think you will be remembered as on
your mission?

I really have no idea. Probably the one who loves Unicorns :)
seriously, I have a ton of Unicorn stuff it is crazy, but I love it.

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