Wednesday, December 7, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Hello everyone.

I got the package from Terra, the 25 days of Christmas, thank you so much for that, really appreciate it! I have not gotten anything else yet, but I am positive I will get it this week.

Cannot believe it is already December. Such a great time of year, I love the Christmas spirit. We watched a little bit of the devotional at a members house, but had a lesson to go to later that night too. We got out our Christmas decorations, mainly the tree :) I am sending the pics with this email so you can feast your eyes upon our wonderful masterpiece :) I remember how much I love having Christmas lights. Everyone up here pretty much has them on year round. They actually encourage everyone to leave them turned on as well, due to the long nights in winter. We are still not quite sure what we are doing on Christmas itself, but when I find out I will let you know. This ward is awesome and I have no doubt we will be very hospitalized that day :)
The work in our area is picking up. We found 2 new investigators the other week. One of them recently got out of prison and wants help to put his life back in order. He is receiving the message extremely well and very receptive to it. Another one was a daughter of a less active in our area who had a lot of questions regarding the Mayans and Incas, so historical stuff. I loved the conversation we had, it was very intellectual and got me thinking a lot. E. Merrill could care less for that stuff, but I loved it :) We have a lot of potentials we have to meet with again as well. Every time we go tracting, we find a great potential, I love it. Our companionship itself is doing great as well. Elder Merrill and I get along really great with each other. It is always such a blessing when you get along with your companion, seeing as how this is the person you are going to be around 24-7 for the next little while. I have been very blessed with companions on my mission. I have learned a very important lesson from everyone of them and they have all helped build my character and I am very grateful for that :)
I was thinking about the holidays we would spend together as a family. A mission really does bring to your mind the things that are really important and the things that never were as much of a priority as you thought them to be. Looking at pictures of the family is one of my favorite things to do, when I have time. My favorite thing about pictures and memories is that they last forever, they are always with you. Memories are the moments that you cherish most, the moments where you are truly experiencing joy and happiness. They are the moments that you unwrap every now and then and always bring a smile to your face. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed us with memories so that we may have June flowers in the Decembers of our lives. Thank you so much for your support. I love you!!

Elder Hartman1

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