Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Whats up everyone-friends and family,
Just an update on the Dr. apppointment, everything is fine, we are just waiting for the results-which I should get today, not sure what time though, Dr. Kutchera is on call, but the nurse told me right when she gets them she will call me. I will notify Pres. and then he will e-mail you, cuz he is so awesome!
Well, things are going great here in Alaska. I opened up the presents that grandma Judy sent with E. Merrill-who is getting transferred to Nome by the way. He has mixed emotions about it, people either tell him he will love it, or hate it. I have no updates on the new Elder yet, I will not find out who he is until Tuesday morning. The first words I am going to tell him are "I like Unicorns", or something ridiculous like that ;) which by the way, EVERYONE knows that I like Unicorns up here, but I stand by it! :)
This week was really hectic with transfers and meetings and everything, so we did not get too much of a chance to proselyte, but that is ok, we will make up for it this week :) I am gonna work those Mr. Macs right off the Elders feet ;) hahaha
We watched the movie "17 Miracles" the other day with an investigator family. That movie is so good, I love that movie! It really does open your eyes to what the pioneers went thro-their trials and afflictions over those long, both hold and cold plains. The central message in that movie-to me-was "Faith Precedes the Miracle". I am pretty sure that is a book, but when you watch that movie, you see that happen over and over. The person offers a fervent prayer-showing their faith in Heavenly Father by asking Him for help and turning to Him-and then having a miralce follow shortly thereafter, due to their Faith. That is where everything starts is Faith. Faith is the first principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is where we must first begin, in order to start our foundation in Him. Faith is a huge word to tackle, but I do know that we must have Faith in order for such things as Miracles to happen. It was awesome, we gave a blessing to a part member family the other day-to their 2 year old son. He had a very high fever and was throwing up throughout the day. The husband (who is the member) asked us to give him a blessing. We did and promised a speedy recovery. We went over yesterday-the next day-and he was running around, being his happy-go-lucky self. The husband said to us "I think this is the result of your blessing". No doubt that it was. I know that through Heavenly Father-all things are possible. If we put our trust in Him, we will be ale to overcome anything.
Thank you again everybody for the wonderful support-especially during the holidays. I have been immensley blessed because of you. Thank you all! I love you!
Elder Hartman1

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