Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing Clue

Hello everyone.
First off, that was wonderful to hear about Mikelle and the newest member of the family coming in! Congratz Mikelle! Exciting to hear, I hope everything went somewhat smooth, for the most part :) I guess you cannot really plan something like that being smooth sailing.
Thanksgiving was great, we had a Turkey bowl in the morning. Over 30 people were there, so we divided into 4 teams of 7 people, roughly. It was all of the missionaries, then just members from other wards making up the other teams. We were the overall champs, no big deal or anything :) I had to take it easy tho, I was getting light headed in the middle of it and really fatigued. Everyone would sprint down the field, for the kick return, while Elder Silentman, who was a linemen in High school, and I were slowly, but surely, making our way back. After that, we went to the Ellis' house and chatted with them for a while, then went and ate at the Hodgsons home. It is always a blast going over there to eat :) then we finished off by going to the Oswalds. Good holiday, a lot of fun :) I did miss the fam tho, I was reflecting on how we would always go to the cabin or our house and have dinner there. I loved it when we all would just kinda chill up there, everyone doing their own thing. I always looked forward to that, and I always will :)
In regards to the work, things are picking up now. I am finally pretty familiar with the area now, therefore, I can be more effective and executing the work. We are gonna focus on working with part member families. I am very anxious to see how things will work out.
I think I am going to start keeping track of how many times I fall, cuz I eat it all-the-time, especially in Whitehorse, man did I biff it there a lot. This week, I think I have fallen a grand total of....I don't know actually, probably more than 15 at least. It all depends on the shoes I am wearing. Now on to more important matters...
Elder Merrill got sick this Friday, so we stayed in the apartment all day. It was really stressfull because we had two lessons set up, and both of them canceled. He is back to health now tho, he did, after all, sleep for 9 hours that day. Guy should go into competition with that, he knows how to sleep! I did not mind it tho, I got some really good studies in and some good time to ponder and enjoy some peace and quiet :) (typical White, you know me)
Thanks again everyone for your support, it is always great hearing from you! I love you all!
Elder Hartman1

Here is first letter I received this week. TJ is answering questions that he was asked but i have no idea what those questions were. have fun trying to guess at what he answering. Some are pretty obvious while others are not so clear! I think "A Malibu" (#9) is the barbie he is hoping to get for Christmas?

1. We had a Turkey bowl for thanksgiving. After that, we went to the Ellis', chatted with them for a little bit, then we ate a the Hodgsons home, then went to the Oswalds house. Normal Thanksgiving dinners. Did not eat quite as much as I expected to, but none-the-less, it was a great holiday.

2. The work is going great, things are really starting to pick up. We are in the Klatt ward, but we are also covering Cook Inlet, which is the YSA ward. That is why we go to church from 7-4 every sunday...

3. Thanksgiving. Mainly the Turkey bowl :)

4. He is awesome. We are alike actually, our sense of humor is very parallel with each others :)

5. It is really not that hard, very simple calling. All I have to do is just plan a district meeting once a week, and take numbers, it is not stressful at all. I did the last District meeting on the color code :) I will send you a recording and dad can critique me on it :)

6. Not at all, the cold does not really bother me for the most part. The only part that gets cold is my face and hands, other than that, I am just fine. I do not think I will need my thermals-hopefully ;)
7. Running errands. We have a lesson set up with a Samoan family that we found tracting. After we see them, we will play sports, probably basketball.

8. No, not yet. But as it draws closer, I am sure members will start planning things, and our zone and district as well.

9. A Malibu

10. Nope, I am good for now, just family pictures and any other pics of my friends and I and papers with quotes on them. Meds are doing great.

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