Monday, October 24, 2011

What Missionaries Do Best

Hello once again, both friends and family.

I have not gotten the Halloween package yet, but I am sure I will get it this week sometime, so do not worry. Also, I need Miranda's current address, I realized that I do not have her home address right now and I need to send her the letter that I wrote a while ago :/.

Another quick note, yes they do celebrate Halloween up here. It is on the 31st. I am not sure how proselyting will work out, I think that they will not have us go out later in the evening because everyone will be expecting little kids and it will be hard to have discussions. So only set lessons is when we will go out.

This week was awesome, we are having so much success in our area right now. Our teaching is still climbing, we are improving every week. A cool experience we had this week. We were out tracting Wednesday morning last week. The first house we knocked on, a very nice lady answered. We talked for a little bit, gave her a Restoration pamphlet, and said we would come back and visit her again. We continued making our way down the street, knocking doors, doing what missionaries do best. Soon after we left her house, however, I started to get the prompting to go back to her. I felt that we did not really complete the purpose of visiting her. As we were coming back down the street, we were going to the car, and still, the prompting was strong. I told Elder Bowes we had to go back to the lady and give her a Book of Mormon. We go back, knock, she answers again, friendly as ever. I basically said that I was prompted to come back and give her this book. She told us that she was legitimately interested and was very happy that we gave it to her. We are meeting with her again on Wednesday, hopefully things will go well!

One of the things I love most about a mission is the rewards for obedience. I know that it is only through obedience that we experience the Lords greatest blessings and inherit everlasting joy. We have to prove ourselves to the Lord that He can bless us with people to teach. In the way we prove it to him is by obeying and honoring the rules that are set for us.

I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately. I have been thinking about the holidays we would spend together as a family, up at the cabin, the wonderful family vacations we were so fortunate to go on (thanks dad!), just being together as a family was always my favorite part I remember. I had a lot of images flash through my mind, mainly Christmas' at the cabin. I always remember Travis putting together the new toy that one of their kids would get. I remember always hearing Mikelle and her laugh, wherever I was in the house. I remember trying to beat Jeremy at Dr. Mario, but would utterly get destroyed whenever I would try. My favorite times where when we would all end up in the little family room, with the fire going, and just talking or playing a game like catch phrase. I hope that our family can inherit some more memories with each other in the years to come. I am glad that we know the importance of family and are held strong together. I am truly grateful for the Plan of Salvation. To know that our family can be together forever, to know that the end of our mortal life here on this earth, is not the end at all, it is just the beginning. Thank you all so much for the wonderful memories I have. I treasure them dearly and every now and then, open up the chest that contains these wonderful treasures and gaze upon them with joy and warmth, never to be forgotten. I love you all, thank you again for everything.

Elder Hartman1

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