Monday, October 31, 2011

Come What May and LOVE It!

Hello friends and family,

Thank you very much for Miranda's address, really appreciated :) The Halloween package is awesome, we are going to break the pinata tonight :)

Our  mission office address changed, so when you send mail, start sending it to:
3250 Strawberry Road
PO Box 226149
Anchorage, AK 99522-1649

I am putting this as the return address for all of the letters I am sending out now to. This will be the address for the rest of my mission for things to send.

Just to give you a run down on Halloween. We are celebrating it today. In regards to proselyting, our p-day ends at 4, then we have dinner. We are supposed to be back in the apartment at 7 for the night. If we have any other appointments, we will go, but other than that, just stay in and do studies.

Well, things in Whitehorse are amazing, a little bittersweet I do have to say tho. All of the members are starting to ask when I leave. I am not exactly sure when I am going to, I just know it is next week sometime, hopefully not Sunday, so I can bear my last testimony and just enjoy one last Sabbath here. After church was over, I was looking around at all of the members, trying to soak in all of the magic I can. My experience in Whitehorse has been amazing. I have learned so much here. It will be very hard to leave, without a doubt it will be. I never knew it was possible to get so attached to a place like this. This week is going to involve a lot of goodbyes and farewells. A lot of members said that when I come back up to visit, I can stay at their place. so when dad and I come back up, we will be taken care of :)

As far as missionary work goes and how things are looking in that aspect, we had another really successful week. Still teaching a lot, having much success in that area. The first transfer with Elder Bowes, we were working our tails off. We were tracting for 2-3 hours a day and having no success. When the second transfer started, things just started falling right into our lap. We proved to the Lord that we wanted to work. We showed Him, through our diligence, that He could trust us with people to teach.

Recently, I read a talk called "Come What May, and Love it" by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. I have read it before, but I read it again, because I really like him, he is one of my favorite apostles of Jesus Christ. This talk really gave me a different perspective on trials and affliction. I have learned to love whatever comes. I learned that we are always brought down to the depths of Humility when we are experiencing great affliction and hard times. It is always those times that you are humbled the most. I was really sick on Friday morning. I do not know if it was something I ate or what, but I was dry heaving and was not in any condition to proselyte. I hate it when I am sick on my mission. I missed studies and the whole morning to go out and work. I still got fully dressed in my proselyting clothes, with my tie on and everything, because that is what Bruce R. McConkie did when he was at the end of his life and could not get out of bed, he would still get fully dressed and do whatever he could to serve the Lord, even if that meant reading his scriptures in bed. I am grateful that I have been broken down on my mission, for had I not, I would definitely not be the person I am right now today. I have loved every single second of every minute of every hour of every day that I have been out on my mission thus far. I can definitely see why dad wants young men to serve a mission so badly, why wouldn't you want to!? I love my mission so much and am definitely going to miss Whitehorse greatly, but I do realize that my time is coming to an end and it is another Elder's time to come and spread the gospel here.

I have to admit, I am not looking forward to the 18 hour bus ride again...but like I said earlier, come what may and love it ;) hahaha putting my foot in my mouth here.

Terra, I am so glad to hear about your missionary efforts in the wonderful state of Hawaii. It sounds like you are having a blast over there and I love seeing the pictures. Polynesians sure love to throw parties, they have parties for EVERYTHING. It is awesome :)

The dress pictures looked awesome Bree, you looked beautiful in those. I am really upset that I will not be there for this wonderful even, I was hoping to have a personal interview with Chris and pass him off for you ;) hahaha kidding, I really like Chris, he will be a great spouse.

Summer, those pictures you sent of the kids were awesome. They all looked great! Loved the outfits. I have no idea who the baseball player was that Easton was, but he looked great in the baseball uniform nonetheless.

Thanks again everyone for your support, I love you!!

Elder Hartman1

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