Monday, July 16, 2012

Finding My Purpose

Hello everyone,

This week was great, a little stressful at times setting up for the
fireside, but overall it went really well and was a great success. I
already sent mom and Summer the link for the fireside, but if you want
to watch it, here it is: I am on the far,
top right of the group. My two companions are the two polys, just so
you have a visual. The spirit was so strong during it, especially when
Pres. Duval finished it off. I love it when Pres. Beesley talks, he is
so solid!

We had some good lessons this week. Taught one of our investigators
about obedience using the swords that mom sent (thank you mom!), they
were a huge help. We showed them how the swords are always pointing
up, towards Heavenly Father, when you hold them. We then related it to
the scriptures when it says to take upon 'the sword of the spirit,
which is the word of God.' We told them how it is important to read
the scriptures and as we are obedient in doing so, we will be
protected from harm and danger. It was a lot better in person than
trying to describe it over an e-mail I promise, but it was fun

A lot of times on the mission, I feel like I am not a success at all
and I am not serving Heavenly Father in a pleasing way. It has taken
me a while to realize what my purpose is as a missionary, which I
thought was kind of weird. I think there are a lot of lessons you
learn on a mission that just come over time. I think really realizing
what your purpose is is one of them. As missionaries we invite others
to come unto Christ. The word that stands out to me is 'others', I
never realized who that was, I always thought it was investigators and
less actives when I first came out. The other day, I was talking to E.
Adams, my MTC companion who just went AP actually, and he was saying
how he is just starting to get it; he is just starting to get
missionary work. The word 'others' in that statement includes everyone
except you. A mission is two years of service to the Lord. It is cool
to me how you lose yourself in the work and yet you find yourself in
it. As we lose ourselves in the service to others, although we are not
thinking about ourselves, we are the ones who are learning the most
from it. I still am doing my best to learn to put other people before
myself and truly serving them in a loving, charitable way. I read some
scriptures the other day about charity that have turned into some of
my favorite verses in the scriptures, in my favorite chapter in the
Book of Mormon, Ether 12:32-34. I cannot tell you how much I love
those verses, that whole chapter even. I have a long way to go and a
lot to learn. Thank you everyone for showing me what charity is and
making life about others, not myself. I love you!

Elder Hartman 1

1.  How was your missionary fireside?  What aw it about?  Who spoke?
How many we're ther?  Tell us about it.

It was a great success, a lot of people showed up and the talks were
just phenomenal! You can watch it on  I am
on the far top right, hopefully I do not look like an idiot ;) The
whole chapel was full. Two recent converts spoke, then Pres. Beesley,
then Pres. Duval, the Stake President. We sang a few musicals, which
you can watch. It was so spiritual overall, I love it when Pres.
Beesley talks, he is the best mission Pres. ever!!

2.  Did you find out anything about transfer yet - when the president came?

Ya, I will be staying in Fairbanks for another transfer with the same
companions. There was a few changes in the zone, but not too much.
Next transfer there will be a ton of changes.

3.  You didn't tell us one reason you are in a threesome aws because
one of your comp. didn't speak much English!  How is that going?   Did
you find out when you will be spitting up?  How is the companionship
going now?

It is going pretty good, I am learning bits and pieces of Samoan, so
he can feel more comfortable with me. His English is doing great tho,
much better than when he first came out. We will probably be for sure
splitting up next transfer. Our companionship now is doing great, I
love it.

4.  We heard you had to cancel your dinner plans with Jill. Did you
reschedule yet?  If so when?

No we did not reschedule yet, we have been super busy to take time to
see when we can next. Our day is crazy right now; E. Na'a headed down
to Anchorage for transfers, to pick up some new missionaries while I
stay behind and manage things here.

5.  Tell the often have you been skipping pills?  Will
you promise me you will pick up a refill today!?

For a few days, I literally realized I was out on Saturday and was
going to e-mail you and tell you today. I will get a refill today,
yes. I just need the ones I told you about, I am good on the other
ones for a while still.

6.  The train ride sounded like lots of fun. Aaything else fun planned?

Not at the moment no. Just sports for today probably.

7.  What was the best thing that happened this past week?

The missionary fireside. It was awesome :)

8.  Have you talked to your president at all yet about coming home?
Will you or would you like us to call the mission home ad ask?  Ant
more thoughts on classes you want us to sign you up for?  We could
probably sell your housing contract. Do you want us to try and do

I think the release date he has for us is around December 17th if I
remember correctly, he is planning on sending us home before Christmas
for sure this year. He is so awesome. If you want to talk to him about
a release date, I gave his cell # to dad in a e-mail. I really have no
idea on classes I want to take to be honest, just generals really. I
am still trying to make sure that I want to major in Exercise Science
and if Physical Therapy is something I want to pursue. What do you
mean by selling my housing contract?

9.  What would you say is  your biggest struggle in Fairbanks?  what
is your favorite thing about this area?

Getting good relationships with the members. Helping them be more
missionary minded. I love the less actives here, they are so great. A
lot of them tell us what they need help with, we just need the active
members to support us.

10.  Did you get your packages yet?  How did you like them?  The capt.
Moroni one?  Did you use any of them with kids there?  If so tell us
about it.

I got the capt. Moroni one, yes. I loved it. I used the swords for a
lesson we taught to one of our young investigators. It was a very
successful lesson, they loved it. Thank you! I related the swords to
obedience. I showed the kids how the swords are always pointing up
when they hold them, meaning they are pointing to God because He is
above us. We are supposed to hold to the word of God, which at one
point in the scriptures is related to as a sword. I told them as we
are obedient to Heavenly Father, we will be protected by reading our
scriptures. It was fun :) Hopefully this all makes sense...

Be sure to tell me how the trip to Africa went! Hopefully y'all made
it there safe and sound :)

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