Monday, July 18, 2011

Keeping a Promise

Hello hello again EVERYONE!

Well just another week here in Whitehorse, Canada eh? I am starting to say that a lot more now in my everyday language, it is weird, but it works and it is part of the culture too! :) As far as mail goes, I received a letter from Becky and Aaron....I think....sorry, you know how my memory is :) I have not received any packages yet, but I am pretty sure I will today, hopefully!

We started p90x with a member today, wow I am out of shape!! I currently weigh 170 even, freakin chub chub right here!! It was hard, but I absolutely loved it! I remember when p90x was not all that difficult cuz I could do a decent amount of reps for everything, but now, I gotta work back up to it! President Beesley (I call him the bees knees in my weeklys :)) is visiting the area the 30-31. I have no idea how mom and dad heard about that!! Got the black market working for you or something :) anyways, he is visiting to see what he wants to do with the area, whether he wants to split it and bring another companionship in, or keep it how it is and have a companionship and a senior couple. I personally, reeeeeeally hope that the area stays how it is cuz I love it so much here. As I am sure you have seen from some of the pics, it is absolutely breathtaking and I am so fortunate to be serving here! I am glad I still have about 4 months left here, very comforting thought :). I will let you know how that goes when it happens. 

So we were eating dinner at a members home, the Petersons, and last time we were their, the girls wanted to give me a makeover, but we were going to meet with a less active later that night, so I told them next time we eat dinner there, they can give me a makeover. Oh and this was the same family that I ripped my pants at too, something funny always happens at this houz :). Anyways, we went over for dinner again yesterday and after I was done eating, one of the little girls runs up to me and says "remember what you promised?" as my heart sank a little bit, I uttered a quiet "yes", now I am a man that likes to follow thro on his promises, I usually don't promise someone something unless I know I can fulfill it. Anyways, that is what they spent the next little bit doing, giving me a makeover. They had the time of their lives, I will include some pics so you can see, I think the dark lipstick compliments my cheekbones personally :) 
Other than that, not much else to report on. I love you all and thank you so much for your support! And thank you for consistently e-mailing me and updating me with what goes on at home! Although I do not reply that often, I always read them and I LOVE hearing about it! Thank you again!

"The only thing you take with you when your gone is what you leave behind"
-Elder Sexy1 (Hartman1)

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