Friday, January 7, 2011

Letter #2 - January 7, 2011

Hello family!!!!!!!!!
Can I just say how much I love each and everyone of you!?!?! Cuz I really do! I get so much letters and packages from you guys throughout the week and it is so awesome!! My district is always surprised when I get one or two letters cuz I always get so much hahahaha.
Mom, dad & bree: I think I saw a black kindle in my room the day I left, it was on the stone table thing but I do not know if it is there still or if it is dads. I heard about mom slave driving Bree in the basement, that brought back good memories ;) That is so crazy about you guys about going to Africa!! Sorry I didn't really respond to some of your questions last time from the dea elders, I got everyone of them, I just forgot to write down notes so I could answer some of your questions, but send those cuz I like them a lot better :). If you see Stephen or Brad in Africa, tell them I send my best regards and I love them dearly. If you could by any chance send me my iPod and a charger and some small, protable speakers that would be awesome cuz I would love some music! Oh by the way, did you get my letter I sent that was addressed to "little cottonwood ward"? I sent it a few days ago, I think I lost track cuz the days are just flying by here now, I can't believe its almost Saturday already! That is so crazy about Austin and his mission, that is prolly the main reason why I am afraid to go on mine because I am afraid it will fly by too fast, but I guess that is why I gotta enjoy every moment of it and live it to the fullest!. I got my haircut here! It looks like I just came out of the marines cuz it is almost buzzed, I got a picture so when I figure out how to send them thro email or print photos, I will show you :). Carol sent me a package of munchies and circus animal crackers can you believe that! If you could, send me her email in a letter or something so I can thank her cuz I sent her a letter, but I am not sure if it got to her. I love you and hope your doin well!!
Matt & Mikelle: Thank you sooooooooo much for the food you sent!!!! I was running around screaming cuz I was so happy cuz I get so thirsty at night and I saw the gatorade which is my favorite drink! That joke you sent was awesome, keep them up! That quote you wrote down was way kool to! I love quotes so if you got anymore for me, let me know! Give your kids my love for me and see if Berkley will actually smile if you mention my name :)
Summer & Trav: Well Travis I am only in 1 Nephi 15, I don't get much chance to really read the BoM because we are so busy here but that is where I am at. Thanks so much for the rice krispies and the pictures. It was so nice to see some family picture and to have with me to look at. The trip to Disneyland looked like it was a blast. I love the picture of Easton fighting the Jedi, he looks like he is really into it! Tell them all hi for me and I love them tons!!! Keep me updated on Travs progress as he keeps working out, let me know if those pecs get more chizzled ;) give my love to Guss for me (if you can Sum cuz I know you just love him ever so much). I am glad Cali was so fun for you guys! I love you and give your kids a great big hug for me!
Terra & Jer: I already emailed you a little bit ago but I will just include you in this big email to or else I will feel bad and feel unworthy :). I am glad to hear that Cali was a successful vacation! I love how you are sad about coming back to the cold....tell me more ;) hahahaha kidding. Tell your kids hi for me and give them lots of love for me!
We got our itinerary (did I spell that right?) the other day, we have to be at the travel services center at 5 AM!!!!!!!! that means we are priveliged to wake up at 4 AM...but it is ok because our whole disctrict is on the same flight and we are all going to Alaska together. Oh my gosh, dad, if only you could see this one companionship in our district. They are perfect opposites and that is why they are hilarious. Elder Macphearson is a total Red and Elder Curtin is a total white. The white is never rushed and always takes his time and the red is constantly wanting to move. When they argure, I laugh my head off and they don't really know why. The red is like "in companionship inventory tonight you are getting it cuz you have been bugging me!" they love each other tho and they get along just fine, its not hateful arguments, just little loving debates. They are perfect together tho, when they teach, they are amazing. God put us with our companions for a reason. Whether it is a friend who is a good companion, or one in the MTC, or marriage. The big man is always working and he puts the people in your life for a reason! I love you all so much! I pray for each and every single one of you every night. I know that is weird coming from me cuz that is something I would not typically do, but it is the truth. I love you all more than you know and I can't wait to hear more about how your lives are going! Take care. Remember: "The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up someone else". Maybe London could use that every now and then ;)

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  1. I just had to reread this because I am already having a hard time believing how soon he will be in Alaska. Great job on the Blog Terra. Nice to have talent in the family because its a sure thing I could never create this! I can't wait to read his letter again tomorrow