Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Letter from the MTC

Hello again family!!! How I love you :)
Just fyi, I forgot my notes to answer some of the questions you asked throughout the letters you sent me so I prolly won't answer the majority of them, sorry :'(
So I just feel totally legit the last little while from all of the packages I have been getting and all of the letters. I feel so kool showing off all of the letters I have been getting and I absoloutely love the support so thank you so much!!!
I do not know if I told you already, if I did sorry for repeating myself, but my companion and I were called to be Zone Leaders the week we got here on Saturday! We got to greet the new missionaries each week and it was fun to give them our wisdom. I cannot believe that I was once in that spot, this whole MTC experience has FLOWN by! It literally seems like just yesterday that we got here!!! I am so ready to get out to Alaska tho, I cannot wait! I hate being all cooped up in the MTC and having all of these rules on P-Day, we just barely spent the last hour throwing bouncy balls down the hallway and making forts in our rooms out of blankets and chairs, I was very entertained the whole time :)
For my iPod mom, all of my songs are on my laptop I'm pretty sure. Before you erase all of my songs, make all the music on my iPod a playlist on my comp so I can just put all of my old songs back on when I get back. Some songs I want, Do What is Right by Lex De Azavedo, all of the Lord of the Rings songs cuz those are just amazing. If you can find any Jon Schmidt or if your willing to buy some songs, I absoloutely love him and I do not believe I have any of his songs on my laptop. There is a song by Enya, its called like Scotlands bagpipes or somethin like that, put that on and then put "Silver Leaves" on there as well. You should prolly have Matt or someone help you so you do not mess anything up ;) and I am sorry that I have not mentioned anything about you and dad goin or Africa, but I do not really have a lot of time to write and answer EVERYONES questions so be patient, it is a Christlike attribute anyways :)
I will try to send my memory card from my camera in a letter home soon, but I am so busy throughout the day that it is very hard to find time to write a letter at once. When I do manage to send the pictures back, don't judge on some of the first few cuz that was us at our New Years little party.
It is true what they say about the MTC and I am pretty sure the mission itself, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. At first I did not believe that, but now I am fully converted to that quote haha. These few weeks have just flown by so incredibly fast, I cannot believe it!!! I am sure that is exactly what my mission is going to be like to.
I am really surprised Stephen remembered me and that I was going to Alaska! If you can, give him my regards, I would write him, but the letter would not get to him for like 3-4 months :/ I heard Trevors farewell is this sunday! and someone elses to but I cannot remember, Carol wrote me a Dear Elder and told me about it. Give Him my regards as well and wish him luck, I will barely miss him when he comes to the MTC.
We went to the Temple this morning. We did initiatorys and a sealing session. I love going to the temple because you can feel the spirit so strong there and it is just so peaceful and calm there, I love it! We ate breakfast there and it was soooooooooo good!!!! I ate until I was too tired to eat anymore cuz the food there is so much better than the food here at the MTC!
I gotta say, laundry here is not fun, if you do not plan on showing up at least 15-20 mins early before your scheduled time, you will not find an open washer for at least 10-15 mins, it is not fun, so crowded! Waking up in the morning is no different, we "rise" (sorry I always thought that was weird, it is like they think we are mummmies or something and they are summoning us from the dead-RISE!!) at 6:30 as you know, but the line for showers is SO long and you usually don't start to shower till 6:45 and class starts at 7 and they do not like it when you are late. My companion wakes up at 6:15, I just shower the night before, I figure it sleeping in for me :)
If you can, get Carols email address for me so I can send her a few emails and find out what Olexs email for his LDS mail will be that would help a lot!
Well family, I cannnot think of that much more to say. I am leaving for Alaska on Monday and I am sooooooo excited! I wanna start on the Lord's work right now! I have seen some Elders who just want to get their mission out of the way and they are not going because they truly want to. They are going for the wrong reasons and with an attitude like that, it is going to be a very long, hard mission. I am extremely nervous at the same time, I hope that my actions will be pleasing to the Lord and I will be obedient and keep the rules. The main thing I am nervous for is difficult companions. That is the #1 thing that I am not looking forward to. My teacher, Brother Gonzalez, whose first name is Roberto (I made it a goal to find out his name before I left :) said that he did not have a single difficult companion his whole mission. I hope that I will be able to say the same thing, but knowing me and my irresistable personality, that prolly won't happen and I am going to have the most difficult companions cuz no one else will be able to deal with them hahahaha.
Know that I love you all more than you know. Every one of you has made a significant difference in my life and I would not be here if it wasn't for you. I write about all of you in my journal every night and say how much I love you and each and every one of my friends. I love you all so much and hope that all of you are doing well. Please give your kids big bear hugs and nice fat kisses for me :) love you all again take care
Elder Hartman

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